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Welcome to Apto

Here’s to the beginning of
a wonderful partnership

We are excited to officially welcome you to the Apto community! Below we’ve outlined the next steps to complete to ensure you see value from your investment right away. Your Account Manager will be with you every step of the way, until you get up and running, and beyond.

In addition to your Account Manager, you have access to our in-house Customer Care team. They can be reached by:

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Okay – Let’s Get You Setup

Step 1.  Set Up Your Apto Account

Now that you have your login credentials, it’s time to set up your user profile settings. This help article explains the different kinds of profiles you can choose for your users. For example, you are a System Administrator and have the ability to view and modify all data within Apto. However, you may want to limit which data the brokers or assistants on your team can access or modify. Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the different profile settings, follow these instructions to set them up. Please note: If you are a single user, you can disregard user profile setup.

Even though Apto was designed by brokers, for brokers, we understand that you may want to make some small tweaks to be sure the system doesn’t disrupt your workflow and supports your way of doing business. Picklists are an easy way to ensure consistency throughout your system by allowing users to select from a list of predefined values. You would use picklists for inputting details like Property Market, Property Sub-Market, etc. Should you want to add or remove picklist values, follow these instructions

2. Get Your Data Into the System

You’ve worked hard to build up your book of business and extensive network of contacts, which is why we have an entire in-house team dedicated to making sure your most important data makes it into our system.

Simply complete the Data Submission Form to submit your data. For the quickest data migration, we recommend consolidating your data into our template. If you have any questions on how your data should be formatted, you can find the answers here.

Once uploaded, one of our Data Analysts will reach out with any questions they may have. Otherwise, we’ll let you know when your data migration is complete!

3. Learn to Use Apto with Personalized User Training

Once all of the above logistical tasks are completed, it’s time for the good stuff—learning how to get the most value out of your Apto. Your Account Manager will reach out to discuss your goals and the outcomes you’d like to achieve with the help of Apto. They will then schedule a personalized training session for you and the rest of your team so you can learn how to use the system in a way that will resolve your unique challenges.

And while all of this is happening, all users on your team will be receiving a series of emails that link to various Help Center articles and videos. This will allow your brokers to start to get familiar with Apto and how various features work to solve critical pain points. The personalized training session will bring everything full circle and you’ll see how Apto will set your team up for success.

We look forward to working with you now and for years to come and we are always here to help!