Does Apto have a Knowledge Base?
YES! All Apto customers who are on the Winter '14 version or later of Apto have access to our Knowledge Base which has answers to frequently asked questions and is searchable if you're trying to master a specific tool or activity in Apto. Click here to log in to Apto and access the Knowledge Base.

If you need help upgrading Apto or are having trouble accessing the Knowledge Base, please contact support.

Best Practices
Our Best Practices Library is an additional resource for all commercial real estate professionals that contains proven strategies for running a successful commercial real estate brokerage—and how Apto can help.

Learn more in the Best Practices Library

How do I contact you if I need help?

Fill out the above Support Request Form and receive personalized help from a support engineer.  For urgent requests, you can reach us by phone at 720-669-1055.

When is support available?
Our Support Team is available Monday-Friday from 7:00am-7:00pm MT (excluding holidays). 

When are your customer training webinars?
We usually offer at least one webinar each week. Click here to view the latest webinar schedule and sign up!     

How do I stay current with news about Apto?
The best way to get the latest Apto news is to read and subscribe to our blog! You'll get the latest Apto company updates, in addition to commercial real estate Industry News and Best Practices.