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What Our Customers Are Saying

The Apto team made our implementation a smooth process. They were able to upload all my old data and make it usable within Apto. The entire team is very customer focused; the customer service is exceptional. They were especially helpful as I got up and running on the system.


John Viggers

NAI Optum

The biggest thing is probably training. Whenever we ask [Apto] for help in teaching people how to use something they are fantastic at it. They help our back-end teams and the front house people do what they do better. That's something that's hard to advertise but they do a really good job at that.


Mike Demetriou

Baum Realty

Apto’s implementation process was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. The database transition was very smooth, and I enjoyed working with our Customer Success Manager. He was always quick to assist me with anything I needed, no matter how busy he was.


Doug Banerjee


From the start, we’ve had a phenomenal experience. We initially did a major data cleanup before importing everything into Apto and the implementation process was very smooth. In the first six months, we reached out to the Apto team a lot. They answered all our questions and also taught us how to add customization ourselves which was extremely helpful and has saved us a lot of time.


Annie Koch

Stream Capital Partners

I’ve reached out to Apto’s Solutions team occasionally, and they’re always very responsive. We just recently added another license for my business partner, and we’re excited to continue leveraging the technology to grow our business. Overall, I’m very happy with our decision to move to Apto and would recommend its platform to other brokerages.


Scott Hensley

CORFAC International

I’ve used several CRM systems in the past, including Realhound and Act!, and Apto is absolutely the best. We ended up migrating our data from Realhound, and the process went great. The implementations process with Apto was better than anything I’ve ever experienced. They take the time to walk you through the system and empower you to be successful using it.


Lee Wheeler

Wheeler Commercial

The service side of Apto is bar none. It’s so clear that you have the most innovative technology out there and are all pushing to make it better.


Joe Levy

Marcus & Millichap

The team at Apto has also been very helpful during our implementation and with answering questions when we call in for support.


Will Catlin

Boston Realty Advisors