Commercial Real Estate Broker Technology Maturity Assessment

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61 – 80 points

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See below for how you compare to other commercial real estate brokers, plus tips and tricks to get that score up.

How You Scored Compared to Other CRE Brokers

These benchmarks are based off of results from a survey conducted by Apto in April of 2021. We will conduct the survey annually for the most current market rankings.

Average CRE Broker


Average CRE Broker Using a CRM


Average CRE Broker Not Using a CRM


Current State

If you scored between 61 and 80 points, nice work! That means you’ve implemented some technology and best practices to help you manage your business more effectively. However, not using the right technology and processes can still put you a competitive disadvantage. Why is a change in order? You’re probably…

  • Spending large amounts of time and effort manually inputting new and updating existing
    data, which diverts attention away from important revenue-generating activities
  • Using a generic CRM that doesn’t speak your language, which takes a long time to
    familiarize yourself with and requires heavy, expensive customization work
  • Stringing together multiple pieces of technology to prospect, which can lead to
    siloed/stale data, untimely (or missed) communication, and ultimately lost deals
  • Tracking deal progress in one centralized location, but not receiving a holistic picture of
    your entire pipeline
    and which deals are the most important to prioritize

Future State

While you’re on par with/slightly above the average commercial real estate broker score, why settle for average? Here are some ways you can push yourself into the next tier and more importantly, become the go-to broker in your market:

  • With Technology: Invest in a CRE-specific CRM like Apto. And if you need some proof that generic CRMs just won’t cut it, then read this case study to hear from real brokers.
  • With Processes: Even if you decide to invest in state-of-the-art commercial real estate technology, it’s important to finetune basic broker skills like marketing, networking, communication, and more.

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Aren’t taking full advantage of all of the technology and best practices available to you to effectively manage your business.