Commercial Real Estate Broker Technology Maturity Assessment

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81 – 100 points

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See below for how you compare to other commercial real estate brokers, plus tips and tricks to get that score up.

How You Scored Compared to Other CRE Brokers

These benchmarks are based off of results from a survey conducted by Apto in April of 2021. We will conduct the survey annually for the most current market rankings.

Average CRE Broker


Average CRE Broker Using a CRM


Average CRE Broker Not Using a CRM


Current State

Congratulations! You scored between 81 and 100 points, meaning you are a leader in your commercial real estate craft. You are the go-to expert in your market, and your clients view you as a trusted advisor who is always using state-of-the-art technology and processes to serve them best. Why should you keep it up? You’re…

  • Spending little to no time doing manual data research and entry so you can spend most,
    if not all, of your time impressing clients and finding new opportunities
  • Getting predictive insights from your data on people and properties so you can reach out
    to the right people at the right time and close deals with greater velocity
  • Reaching out to contacts on curated call lists instead of wasting time figuring out who to
    call/email and what to say, which enables you to make deeper connections faster
  • Able to have clear visibility into your entire pipeline and the necessary actions to drive
    each deal forward, helping you identify your next deal and prioritize deals that are more
    likely to close

Future State

Never stop innovating on the ways you serve your clients through technology and processes. And if you’re part of a team, be the champion and in-house CRE tech expert so you can share your best practices to help other brokers grow and succeed.

  • And leaders: we want to talk to you! We’d love to hear how you are using technology every day to stay at the top of your game. Sharing your insights will not only spread valuable knowledge throughout the commercial brokerage community, but will further enhance your reputation among your past, present, and future clients.
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Get More Insights from Your Data by Making it Work for You

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Aren’t taking full advantage of all of the technology and best practices available to you to effectively manage your business.