Commercial Real Estate Broker Technology Maturity Assessment

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26 – 60 points

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See below for how you compare to other commercial real estate brokers, plus tips and tricks to get that score up.

How You Scored Compared to Other CRE Brokers

These benchmarks are based off of results from a survey conducted by Apto in April of 2021. We will conduct the survey annually for the most current market rankings.

Average CRE Broker


Average CRE Broker Using a CRM


Average CRE Broker Not Using a CRM


Current State

If you scored between 26 and 60 points, that means you aren’t taking full advantage of all of the technology and best practices available to you to effectively manage your business. Why is a change in order? You’re probably…

  • Spending copious amounts of time sifting through rows and rows of data in a
    spreadsheet instead of actually reaching out to clients when a property that fits their
    needs becomes available
  • Emailing/calling outdated email addresses/phone numbers or, worse yet, reaching out to
    the same client who just heard from your teammate, making your team look disorganized
    and your competitors look more attractive
  • Struggling to locate notes from your conversations, and therefore not knowing when you
    last spoke to someone, forgetting what you talked about, and wondering when you need
    to reach out next
  • Forgetting important deal follow-ups because reminders are buried in a spreadsheet,
    which results in longer deal timelines and losing commission to competitors

Future State

Don’t worry! We’re here to help. Here are some ways you can improve your score and serve your clients better:

  • With Technology: Consider investing in a CRE-specific CRM like Apto. Not ready to take
    the leap (even though we’ll help make your transition seamless)? Make sure you’re at
    least using a cloud-based spreadsheet to save yourself some headaches, or consider
    using some of these Excel shortcuts to save you some time and effort.
  • With Processes: Block time on your calendar every day to update your spreadsheets.
    Especially if you’re sharing a master pipeline spreadsheet across your team, you want to
    make sure your notes from client interactions and deal progress are always as up to date
    as possible so you don’t step on anyone’s toes/duplicate efforts and damage your team’s

Get More Insights from Your Data by Making it Work for You

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Aren’t taking full advantage of all of the technology and best practices available to you to effectively manage your business.