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These release notes provide a description of new functionalities and enhancements to Apto.

What's new?

  • Apto Commissions: Formerly Apto Back Office, our improved brokerage support solution brings clarity and simplicity to the invoice and commission payment process. 
  • Enhanced Real Capital Markets integration: Working between two systems has a ton of benefits—namely, the ability to leverage a specialized system to their prescribed end.
  • Enhanced listing conversion function: Now you can advance the offer you selected to the in contract stage of your deal, helping to reduce time spent in data entry and improving workflow efficiency.
  • Build and manage your deal party: You’re now able to build your team at the outset of a deal, manage it to close, and provide visibility and insight to you and your team throughout.

What’s different?

  • Flexible commission plan: Available exclusively with the new Apto Commissions, commission plans now include a period for which the commission plan is used. This provides management with flexibility in calculating broker gross production.
  • Custom invoice preview and email: We realize that not every business has the same requirements for what’s displayed on their invoices. That’s why we now allows system administrators to select what fields are shown in the invoice details section.
  • Share your deals with your deal team automatically: We’ve added to your ability to build your deal team and manage and track your splits with the automatic sharing of your pursuit, listing and closed deal with your team.
  • Automatic status updates on listing: Not every deal that goes to escrow makes it to close. We’ve improved the the process of moving a deal out of the in contract phase and back the listing phase. 
  • Visualize existing contact relationships right on the Company page: We've made it much easier to use by embedding the relationship depth chart directly on the Company page. 
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