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"Life has changed a lot since we jumped on to Apto. We're able to quickly prospect, make notes, set reminders. Day to day, I'm able to get through more calls."

Ara Rostamian
Vice President, SRS National Net Lease Group | Newport Beach

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"With automating our tasks, it went from being four hours of a day to thirty minutes of a day. We're able to spend that time getting more deals, growing as a team, and doing more transactions."

Jules Hochman
Principal, Pinnacle Real Estate Advisors

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"I'm personally a pretty big fan of [Apto]. I remember what is was like before they were around. It's made my life a lot easier."

Coy Davidson
Senior Vice President, Colliers International | Houston

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"It's unusual that you can find a piece of technology you can actually ascribe to getting a deal done, and therefore monetize the investment you made in technology."

Mike Demetriou
President, Baum Realty Group

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Daniel Cawley


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" The level of service, care, commitment is better than any I’ve had with any other vendor.

Joe Levy

Senior Associate

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"About a third of the offers on this listing came through calls I made in Prospect & Nurture." 

Matt Lyman

Principal Broker

"Since using Apto Prospect & Nurture, I’ve become 60% more productive." 

Justin Tunnell

Senior Director 

"All the relevant contact info, activity records, property data, and documents are tied together between the properties, owners, and tenants.

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Scott Hensley

Principal | Industrial Specialist



"I made the switch because I needed the ability to sync data and have mobile access to real-time data." 

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Doug Banerjee

Managing Director
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"Our teams enjoy using Apto because it centralizes our various business processes involving email, phone, file sharing and task management." 

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Lee Wheeler


"The implementations process with Apto was better than anything I’ve ever experienced." 

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Wil Catlin

Managing Director

boston realty advisors

"When you do over 80 leases in a year, being able to access up-to-date information instantly, from any device, is critical!”

Matt McGregor

Executive Vice President



"The fact that the guys at Apto used to be CRE brokers makes all the difference."

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Annie Koch

Vice President 


"It‘s a great way to stay organized and it doesn’t require a lot of effort. Using Apto is so easy, and it’s become a habit for us!"

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David Maling

Senior Vice President 

"For me, it is about two major components: simplicity and visibility." 

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Dylan Simon

Executive Vice President 

"I see Apto as a sales advantage. It saves time and helps us serve our clients better, which also translates into more revenue." 

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