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Customer Care Agent

We are a team of enthusiastic, conscientious independent-thinkers who approach challenges with curiosity and tenacity.

Role description

As an Apto Customer Care Agent, you’ll become part of a small team of support personnel who troubleshoots and resolves customers issues. It requires being a skilled technical resource who has a knack for making technology simple for those who aren’t as comfortable with it and empathizing with the challenges they face.

A core piece of the role is prioritizing and scheduling help desk activities to ensure customers are heard and their challenges are addressed.

Ideally, however, you can do more than just solve tickets. The best customer service is the one that isn’t needed. If you have the ability to see patterns in ticket activities and bolster our knowledge center and identify internal process improvements to anticipate customer needs then you are perfect for the role.

On the occasion when the solution isn’t close at hand, you have the ability to properly set expectations, stay in touch, and close the loop down the road. 

The role itself is a human one and those who are able to empathize with someone struggling will be the most successful in this role. 

About Apto

Apto is the foundation that makes the most successful commercial real estate brokers successful. We are a ten year old company that has gone back to our startup roots and are looking for people who want to add value everyday, are looking to solve problems at the root, and don’t want to be constrained by a job description.

We acknowledge this isn’t any of our ‘forever jobs.’ Even our founder will work somewhere else before his career is over. That’s life in the 21st century. BUT. Our goal is to ensure every one of us is better coming out of Apto than they were coming in and that they’re ready to tackle whatever it is they see as the next step in their career.

Everyone’s a little different so career planning is fluid. This role may lead to a more senior support role, it may lead to something else entirely, or it may prepare you for the title you want somewhere else. (Obviously, we hope the latter isn’t the case.)


About You

What We Offer

The compensation range for this role is $44,000 – $50,000.