Joe Levy
Senior Associate

Marcus & Millichap - San Francisco

Joe Levy is a senior associate in the National Multi-Housing Group at Marcus & Millichap in San Francisco, specializing in apartment advisory and sales.

I joined Marcus & Millichap at the beginning of 2013 in the San Francisco office. For years, my prospecting process required clicking between a number of tabs and pulling together information from different tools and sources. Not ideal.  

I started using Prospect & Nurture late this summer, and I was immediately impressed. It allows me to create a list of people to contact, then reach out and speak intelligently, log the call, clear tasks, and move on from there over and over—all on one screen. It’s a huge difference having all the information right there in one place, instead of jumping between Google maps, property info, contact details, and the like spread across 15 different tabs.

For example, a little while ago I got a listing in a pretty small, niche neighborhood in San Francisco. I was able to create a call list for that neighborhood specifically based on zip code and property type and then churn through my list of contacts in about half the time it usually takes. I could scroll through everyone who fit my criteria, skip the people I knew I’d just talked to recently, and then move on. The process was smooth and simple. 

Another time, I posted a listing and it took me two weeks to circle the wagons and then sit down and evaluate offers. About a third of the offers on this listing came through calls I made in Prospect & Nurture.

In a typical month, I make about 1,000 calls. How could I keep track of that without technology to help? Recently I had one week where I made 600 calls. Especially at Marcus & Millichap, where you start with a territory and have to become an expert on that submarket, having a tool that puts your database to work is a game-changer. When I look back at Salesforce now, it feels like a dinosaur.

I’ll also note that the service side of Apto is bar none. It’s so clear that you have the most innovative technology out there and are all pushing to make it better.

Prospect & Nurture has been so crucial to speeding up my process and making it so much easier. I wish this was out years ago! It’s exactly what I wanted, I just didn’t know it yet.

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Joe Levy
    Senior Associate

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