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[Webinar] On May 30, learn more about the perfect deal workflow

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Deals ScreenshotHave you taken a look at Apto Deals yet? Our latest feature is meant to give you perfect clarity and workflow for every deal.

With a million details and moving pieces to manage, it’s shockingly easy to have something fall through the cracks. Many of the brokers we talk to have just such a story, and frankly, they get emotional about it (and who could blame them?).

Apto Deals helps you manage every stage of the deal with ease. Here’s the gist: In one dashboard, you have a card for every deal so you can see where everything stands at every stage, from prospect to negotiations to close. This lets you prioritize at a glance, and select a deal to see your tasks and marketing activities so you can get to work right away. Move from there directly to call lists and turn prospects into offers, then start over with a ready-made playbook for the tasks you need to get the next deal done.

Easy, right? We’d love to give you a closer look. You can check out a previous blog, watch a video overview, and now you can also register for a webinar on Wednesday, May 30 at 12 p.m. MT.

The idea is that we’ll start with high-level CRE tactics and strategy, and then dig in to some specific workflows to show you how the feature works. For example, we’ll go over how to:

  • Create a task playbook that can easily be applied to any deal stage
  • Build a high quality deal prospecting list
  • Create a smarter way to engage, track, and report listing activity
  • Have single place for important deal documents like rep agreements, brochures, LOIs, and lease proposals