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Webinar: New leasing insights for better conversations (and more!)

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APTO_Leasing Mock-up-2Finding and building relationships with tenants can take a lot of time, and with periods where you feel like you haven’t accomplished anything. Brokers from all generations know the importance of making a good impression on the first call and then keeping momentum through every subsequent interaction.

In talking to brokers, we’ve seen the many ways in which they piece together the contact, company, and lease information needed to make a good connection when they get on the phone. It usually involves 5-15 tabs on one computer screen and a good amount of prep time before the call.

If this sounds familiar, then you’re going to like what we say next: You don’t need to work this way anymore.

 Enhanced tenant rep functionality gives you new insights

Here at Apto, we recently added some new features to help tenant reps be more efficient. That includes a contact dashboard that contains all the lease information you’ve documented for each of your contacts and their related company and property—along with all your open tasks, past activity history, the contact’s social media profiles, and more.


No more clicking between tabs to get the information you need. In Apto, your data is organized all in one place and arranged in a way to help you stay focused on relationship building.

Learn more at a webinar on Aug. 1

We’ll be talking about this functionality and much more at a webinar on Wednesday, Aug 1 at 12 p.m. MT. Join us as we show you how you can use Apto to:

  • Start the conversation with location and lease details right there on hand
  • Be more productive as you execute assignments with a task playbook
  • Create a call list of companies whose leases will be expiring soon


Of if you want a more personalized look at new product functionality, go ahead and sign up for a demo to see how it can work for you.