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Two simple tricks to make prospecting seem less daunting

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broker_on_motorcycle-1600x1068Are you one of those commercial real estate brokers that has a tendency to put off prospecting? No matter how often you think about it, how often you promise yourself or your team that you’ll do it, how often you block time on your calendar, you just can’t make it happen. It’s your least favorite part of the job and the first thing you postpone when you’re busy.

Of course, you know how important it is to prospect. It feels great to be working deals and know the commission check is in sight, but once those deals are done and the check is cashed, what’s next? You can rely on repeat business and referrals if you’ve been around for a while, sure. But even tenured brokers know that to be continually moving forward, you have to keep prospecting.

Here are two tricks that can help make prospecting a little bit easier.

Keep in mind this one question

It seems simple, but if you can really internalize this question, it can help you change your habits and prioritize the activities that make you successful. Ask yourself this one question every morning, or at least every time you want to ignore that prospecting call block on your calendar.

What would your commercial real estate business look like one year from now if you prospected 10-12 hours a week?

You probably have a pretty favorable answer. Would your commissions increase by 20%? What about 50% or 200%? Any of those are within the realm of possibility. The point is that if you like the answer, then you should ditch any excuses for not making that a reality. You know that if you prospect more, you’ll eventually win more business. It takes time, but if you keep thinking of the long term, you can stay connected to why you’re doing this task in the first place.

A mental trick to deal with rejection

This trick requires a little imagination. When you’re cold calling, first make up a character in your mind. It can be something of your own creation or a character from a movie (think Wolf of Wall Street, Glengarry Glen Ross, or Boiler Room for inspiration). Then pretend that the character is the one prospecting, not you. You’re just playing a part.

It might sound a little silly, but it can help soften the blow when you’re dealing with difficult or angry people. When someone tells you to “*#*$& off” and slams the phone down, remember that this person isn’t hanging up on you, they’re hanging up on the role you’re playing. And the better the role, the more effectively this mental trick works. Get in the mindset of a highly driven, charismatic young salesperson just trying to hustle it out. That person wouldn’t let rejection get to them!

Finally, use tech to make it easier

Once you get in the mindset of prospecting and start to see results, it’ll be easier to make it a part of your day-to-day. Another way to make prospecting easier is to use technology that streamlines the process. Apto helps with that by organizing your data and giving you the tools to act on it. Get a demo today to see how.