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The Best Practices Library: Your go-to resource for CRE strategy, now updated

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chessObjection.jpgThere’s no shortage of commercial real estate content out there (including our own), but the specifics of using CRE tech are a little harder to come by.

For example, we talk about prospecting all the time. Target high-value opportunities, we say (and we’re not the only ones). But what are the high value opportunities, and how do you find them? Why is that the best strategy? How can technology help?

Well, the Best Practices Library has the answer. We’ve recently made some updates that reflect our latest products, so we hope you’ll check it out! And we’ll be adding more articles in the weeks to come.

Prospecting, winning business, and working deals

We designed the Best Practices Library to help customers use Apto strategically, so there’s some specific technical content in there. But the underlying goal is to help brokers use technology to successfully operate a commercial real estate business, whether or not you use Apto. There’s valuable information in there for all brokers.

Broken down into three sections (with more to come!), you can check out specific articles or start from the beginning.