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The best of commercial real estate data sources: demographics + broker databases

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There are a vast number of companies that provide commercial real estate data, and it can be difficult to sort through them or know which ones are the best. We’ve gathered 52 top notch companies that provide commercial real estate data and categorized them into the following categories: Lease/Sales Transactions, Ownership Info, Mortgage/Financial Data, Property Data, Listings/Availabilities, Short-term/Coworking Space, Demographics, Geolocation, and Broker Databases.

Here is a preview of some of the companies you’ll find in our ebook, 52 Commercial Real Estate Data Source Services.


There are numerous providers out there who can give demographic insight including income, education, crime rates, mortgage risk, occupation, GDP, and more. Start with these seven.


For data sourcing, CoStar allows users to research sales comparables and property trends, compare competing properties, and more. Their suite of online service offerings includes information about space available for lease, comparable sales information, tenant information, information about properties for sale, Internet marketing services, analytical capabilities, information for clients’ websites, and information about industry professionals and their business relationships.


Predicting success at a retail location is IdealSpot’s specialty. Most businesses cannot afford the expensive real estate analysis teams that McDonald’s or Starbucks have at their disposal. IdealSpot has the data and trends for thousands of locations, and their proprietary algorithm can spot potential “red flags” in addition to analyzing real-time data.


PiinPoint is on a mission to help businesses find the right locations and maximize their return on investments. They have an online platform that aggregates demographic, competitive, and traffic data available to provide insights into market timing and markets on the rise, and the data is presented in easy to visualize reports.


REscour is a data aggregator and platform developed for real estate professionals to gather, organize, track, share and analyze information. Information is tailored based on the user’s own portfolios and market preferences. Over 50 different types of data points are aggregated from public and private sources and organized on a map to quickly show market insights. Examples include geo-located news articles, top employers in a given market, and properties in a given market.

CRE Demographics

You simply provide an address and utilizing their industry experience, CRE Demographics will process and analyze volumes of demographic data presenting you with a high calibre, presentation quality demographic report. Their reports contain the most pertinent and actionable information available. We offer a low-cost, no subscription required, turn-key solution, for your site location research needs.

Digital Map Products

Digital Map Products offers a product called LandVision Commercial Real Estate, which is a mapping application for brokers and property managers. It provides the ability to quickly find properties, view relevant property information, and contact the owners, all from an intuitive mapping interface. Commercial real estate professionals can accelerate their decision making, find better investment opportunities, and more effectively manage their building maintenance tasks.

ArcGIS Business Analyst by Esri

Use a browser or mobile device to analyze market feasibility along with the demographics and shopping behavior of consumers. With ArcGIS Business Analyst by Esri, you can gain accurate market insights and make wise sales predictions using up-to-date, current-year estimates and a five-year projection of US demographics.

Broker Databases

Use these CRE professional networks to learn from other brokers, or use them to match professionals to capital, services, and more.


theBrokerList is a free online list of commercial real estate professionals. It’s an opt-in way to unite CRE organizations and the affiliated members so they may message and find each other or groups of colleagues and save those lists for future reference.


Matching professionals to capital, transactions, services and each other in real time. RealConnex drastically shrinks the time and cost of raising capital, identifying partners, services and new business opportunities.