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Preview: The 11 Psychological Secrets of Power Brokers

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The 11 Psychological Secrets of Power Brokers - CoverWhen it comes to commercial real estate, people don’t just buy properties: they buy relationships. Are your sales and relationship-building chops as strong as they could be?

The secret to being a top broker lies in emotional intelligence: the ability to recognize your and others’ emotions, influence the energy in a room, and build meaningful relationships. The best brokers in the business aren’t practicing high-level Jedi mind tricks: they’re simply using psychology to their advantage.

So how can you do what they do? How can you use emotional intelligence insights to win more business, build great relationships, and bounce back from inevitable rejections?

We’ve laid out our top tips in an ebook: download now or get a preview below.

1. They make people feel valued and welcome.

“A man never likes you so well as when he leaves your company liking himself,” Dale Carnegie famously wrote. Emotionally intelligent people understand this, and it shows: they make eye contact, greet people warmly, ask them about their interests, and listen to them generously.

In short, they make them feel valued and important. Here’s a simple trick to get you in the right mindset. Imagine yourself as the unofficial host of wherever you happen to be, whether it’s lunch with a client or the office with your colleagues. Make it your secret mission to make others feel more comfortable: Remember names. Make introductions. Take an interest. Offer a seat. Offer a smile. Offer to help. And don’t underestimate the power of these simple but generous gestures.

“Some cause happiness wherever they go, others whenever they go,” wrote Oscar Wilde. Which will you be?