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NEW: Make a website straight from your CRM, complete with lead capture form

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For many brokers, creating marketing materials for a property is a frustrating ordeal.

Even if you have the technology in place to create websites and brochures, you’re often entering details over and over, wondering if you missed something, or fiddling with the formatting. Then once the site is out there, you’re left sifting through unqualified leads.

And what about those off-market deals that you know you can sell, but don’t necessarily have the budget for materials that can help showcase the property?

You don’t have time or resources for all that. You need a professional website that’s easy to create, that’s built from the system you already have in place, with a centralized hub to organize and follow up with the leads that you reach out to or that come in on their own.

Well, we’ve got good news. We just launched Apto Property Sites, our latest product feature designed to help you work your deals more efficiently.

Create presentation-quality property websites instantly

In a nutshell, you can now instantly create a unique property site that’s auto-populated with the details from your CRM. It uses a sleek template that puts all the right information in the right place, eliminating any dual entry, and includes a lead capture form to make sure any inquiry gets recorded in your CRM.

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Seriously, you just take a property site or listing in your CRM, click a button, and it becomes a website. The address, your contact information, pictures of the property…all the relevant details fit together in an intuitive, aesthetically pleasing way. Simple, straightforward, no fiddling required (although if you want to make any changes or one-off additions, you can!).

Impress the right people at the right time

With Apto Property Sites, you not only control the audience who sees the site, but you also enable those who visit the site to register their interest in seconds. Better still, those prospects are sent right to your Apto account for personalized outreach.

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Whether you send the URL directly to your top prospects or post it on listing sites, every inquiry stays centralized in your system of record.

That means you move seamlessly from prospecting to marketing to close within one system, attracting more leads with less effort and impressing clients with professional marketing materials that took no time to create.

Learn more about Apto Property Sites

In April, we hosted a webinar to provide a high-level overview of the technology. You can watch the recording here

Not an Apto customer yet? You can also request a quick demo for a closer look at everything our software has to offer.