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Meet Apto Maps, the visual tool that will change your prospecting game forever

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Consider these two aphorisms: location, location, location and a picture is worth a thousand words. In the world of commercial real estate, the latter communicates the former. It accomplishes this through the time-tested technology―a map.

Fortunately for you, Apto Prospect & Nurture now features an all new mapping tool to help you get more out of your property, listing, and comp data.

Why maps rule

Maps are an incredibly effective way to process information. They can quickly communicate location, spatial relativity,  environmental phenomenon, the movement of people, and much more. They can give you a quick breakdown of demographics or show you where the next investment magnet in town will be. They’re crucial to your understanding of your market, how you display information to clients, and an essential tool when prospecting for new business.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a map is worth a thousand spreadsheets.


Turn location-driven observations into action

That’s why we made maps a part of Apto Prospect & Nurture. It’s great when you learn something new when observing your market from a map, but what you do with that observation is the key to capitalizing on a new opportunity.

With Apto Maps you can put those observations into action with a few simple steps to build location-driven call lists to help you up your prospecting game. With the property map you can:

  • Search your entire property inventory
  • Quickly filter properties to meet a very specific set of criteria
  • Employ a radius or a custom drawn polygon to limit your results
  • Hand select properties from a filter set to add to a call list
  • Create a new call list, (or add to an existing), from the property owners, managers or former owners right from your results list

Learn more about Apto Maps

Whether or not you’re an Apto customer, we invite you to learn more about this new tool at a webinar on Wednesday, Jan. 24 at 1 p.m. MT. You can register for that here.

For other questions, Apto customers can contact our support team. Not yet using our technology? We’d be happy to show you Apto Maps and more.