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Meet Apto Data: Property data built right into your CRM

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We live in a world of data. In the arena of commercial real estate, this has never been more true. At Apto, we know our customers spend a ton of time sourcing property data. They might be pounding the pavement, mining old deals, or purchasing data from a number of sources.

While we have an in-house, full-time team that helps you get your data into Apto, finding it first is a messy business that takes a lot of time (and sometimes money). With this in mind, we set out to ease the pain. We wanted our customers to be able to get the most out of their data, so we found some data partners to help out with property data and property ownership information. Our goal was to give customers updated information about properties they have in their Apto accounts all the time.27-inch-imac-2011 (1)Apto Data saves you time and helps you close more deals by providing hassle-free property data that’s fresh, accurate, and complete—and included with our CRM. You’ll cut down on research time by relying on national tax, deed, and mortgage data that stays up to date with no effort on your part.

  • Get a full view of your market by filling in gaps in your data. Apto was built by and for brokers, so we know that the true best data source for your market is you. We can supplement what you have and add in anything you might have missed.
  • Enrich your data with additional details you didn’t have before. Keep the information you have and get hundreds of new data points. Maybe you have an address but not the square footage of the building. Apto Data adds that all in so you have the context you need.
  • Keep everything up to date. When you search for or pull up a property in your CRM, you can ensure you have the most up-to-date information that exists. Apto Data is continually refreshed from its source so you don’t miss a beat. No extra effort or digging required.

Apto Data allows you to use to add a little extra horsepower to your business by combining your data with Apto Data. For example, a junior broker can use Apto Data to figure out property owners for his or her addresses and not only start building new relationships, but have the necessary property details and context to make the most of those initial conversations. It can be hard to get an edge in this game, but Apto wants to help brokers spend more time being a broker and less time messing with various data sources.