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Introducing Apto Deals: The Simple and Intuitive Interface to Drive Every Deal Forward

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As a commercial real estate broker, you’re balancing a lot on a daily basis. There are a ton of to-do’s and important documents to keep track of, and letting any detail slip through the cracks could be a costly mistake. As costly as missing out on a six-figure commission. Having a way to track every deal at every stage and all related activities—all in one place—would alleviate a lot of stress and manual effort.

And that’s exactly why we created Apto Deals.


What is Apto Deals?

We’re excited to announce the launch of Apto Deals—a simple interface with an intuitive workflow that allows you to track, manage, and execute your deals from start to finish. On one screen, you can see where every deal is at every stage, giving you visibility into deal progress and the necessary actions to drive each one forward. Apto Deals enables you to:

  • Prioritize at a glance with one simple dashboard where you can create, update, or drag and drop deals as needed
  • Convert your conversations into deals by creating call lists of contacts who meet your criteria
  • Stay hyper-organized by keeping all important documents attached to a deal as it moves through the sales funnel

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“Apto Deals makes it straight simple to track your pipeline,” says Josh Haas, Director of Product at Apto. “You can create a deal with the click of a button, add relevant details, assign tasks, and leverage your CRM data in the process. Knowing the status of your deal and what needs to be done to push it over the line is what Apto helps you track. With us, you’ll never let one slip through the cracks.”


What are brokers saying about Apto Deals?

Making sure that important deal follow-ups are never forgotten and simplifying the deal tracking experience were huge drivers for creating Apto Deals. And we’ve already heard lots of positive feedback from early adopters about their experience with the new product feature.

So far, what people are loving the most is how simple it is. They really enjoy the Kanban layout and the ability to attach documents, thus using the dashboard as a “deal room” where you can access everything (listing agreements, brochures, contracts, etc.). Another favorite feature is the marketing phase report. Commercial real estate brokers are sending their clients weekly reports so the client knows what the broker has done for them lately. Apto Deals makes it super simple to track those marketing efforts, and the report is easily accessible to share with clients.

Another goal of Apto Deals was to help teams collaborate better on deals. Now, in team meetings, every team member is armed with the data they need to show how many deals they are working and the potential commission, and it’s easy to report that data on a weekly basis to managing brokers. 

As with every product launch here at Apto, we are always collecting feedback to improve the customer experience and make sure every tool we create is something brokers love to use. If you haven’t yet taken a look at Apto Deals, be sure to watch this video and request a demo for a deeper dive.