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How’s your pipeline right now? Here are 3 things to do to keep it full.

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brokers-suits-coffee-320x240The first quarter of 2018 is over. We hope you’re currently working deals, but it’s important to keep up any momentum you have when it comes to prospecting. Before you know it, Q2 will be over, and then summer will be over, and you’ll be scrambling to close those last deals of the year.

Make sure you’re working to keep your pipeline full–you’ll be glad you did whenever the season slows down. Let’s look at a few ways to stack your pipeline to keep it moving all year.

 Get to networking—both online and in person

Don’t just limit networking to online or in person—practice both. Attend events in your market to network with prospects and others. Utilize social media as well such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. You can really make an impact on those who follow you by establishing a strong digital presence and offering valuable information. You never know where the next prospect or client may come fromthere could be a connection on LinkedIn that turns into a client. Networking can help you generate referrals, build a personal brand, and present yourself as a go-to resource for all information regarding commercial real estate.

Reconnect with old clients

One of the best ways to maintain a healthy pipeline is to go through your CRM and reconnect with contacts that you may not have spoken to within the last three months or so. See if these clients have any real estate needs or if they have any referrals. All you have to do is send a quick email, make a quick phone call, or just send them a note. There may be ample opportunities that arise when you reconnect with old clients. You may also be surprised at how many of your clients are willing to give you a referral – word of mouth after all is the best way to gain new clients.


Make good use of technology, from workflow tools to your website and blog

Keep your website polished and up-to-date; it’s often the first way prospects will interact with you. Share valuable content on your blog to keep it ranked in search engines and to keep people coming back to you for insights. Your blog and website can educate leads on how you can assist them what your specialties are. This is also an excellent way to grab contact information and to follow up with them by sending them email campaigns so that you are always the first broker to come to mind when they have real estate needs.