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How to head into every conversation with more intel (without doing research)

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Building relationships is the lifeblood of a broker. You need to know exactly who your prospects are, and more importantly, what to say to get them interested and listening to what you have to say.

To capture someone’s attention, you need to be interesting, relevant, and timely. Whether you’re following up with an old client or making a new connection, you need to offer them information of value to them, and convince them you’re an expert on your market.

We’ve grouped popular conversation starters into categories before, and now we’ve brought them into our product. Take a look now or read on for more info.

Geotargeted news right at your fingertips

To help you make strong connections with your network, we’ve added a new feature in Apto that provides real estate news within close proximity to a contact’s properties. No more clicking to another site or scouring business journals to figure out what’s going on in a given market. It’s all right there.

The new feature aggregates news stories from partner sites such as Globe St., Bisnow, Curbed, and more to alert you to any interesting market activity so you can start the conversation and move the relationship forward. And it’s all automatically loaded in Apto—no extra effort on your part.

Here’s what it looks like:


Just pull up a contact on your list and you’ll see news related to the properties that that contact is associated with. Whether it’s a new development, a notable transaction, or employer movement, you’ll be prepared with information that helps you make a deeper connection based on insights that your client cares about—the ones that impact the value of their property.

Take a look

If you’re already an Apto customer, then learn more in our Help Center. If you’re not, we’d love to show you the integration—and everything Apto can do for you. Sign up for a 20-minute conversation today.