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How these 8 brokers use technology to get ahead

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technology-buildings-black-white-320x214We take a lot of pride in helping our customers manage their client relationships, properties, listings, and deals. Apto is the #1 CRM & deal management platform in the industry, and our software is trusted by nearly 10,000 brokers.

We are proud to report that our customers see a 610% annual return on investment (ROI) from their purchase of Apto. They also estimate that using Apto helps them save nearly 6 hours a week—that’s an average of 295 hours per year. 

Take a look at some of the ways brokers across the country are using Apto to manage their business and get a competitive edge.

The use cases

As a company, we’ve spent 500+ hours interviewing brokers to gather feedback for product enhancements. Some of our most popular features include mapping, stacking plans, call lists, contact dashboards, and matching buyer’s needs. Here’s how some of those brokers are utilizing these features to grow their business.

_MG_6938-Edit“Apto makes prospecting a lot more bearable because you have everything you need right in front of you. For example, when I get a new listing, the first thing I do is pull up Apto’s mapping tool and see who the neighbors are. I can then make call lists of owners in the area and parlay some listing appointments off that.”

— Max Schumacher, Investment Sales & Leasing Associate | Rein & Grossoehme

William LawsonWebsite“Apto is also great for client and lender tracking since you can filter contacts and companies within the software to narrow down who you need to be speaking with. For example, if someone reaches out regarding a $10 million financing assignment in Arlington, VA, I pull up Apto. It tells me who is doing those deals in that area and what that would look like at a high level so I can provide informed feedback.”

— William Lawson, Director | Phillips Realty Capital

Ed Mc Shan“The Apto feature that I get the most value from is the “probability to close” field as part of the deal pipeline. When I have 60 prospects I’m actively working, I need to figure out who to channel my energy towards. There is constant fluctuation in this business. For example, a client could lose financing and then I can’t monetize on them for another few months. Because things with prospects can shift by the day, Apto helps me stay on top of all of those recent developments. The probability field tells me who is closer to being involved in a transaction so I can put a property in escrow.”

— Ed Mc Shan, Broker | Skyline Realty

Antognini-Brian_326x248As a team, we’ve databased all of the apartment buildings in our market with ownership records in Apto. Our sales brokers use that list to contact owners, take notes within the software and schedule follow-ups. If an owner isn’t selling right now, we make a note of their status and Apto reminds us a month or two down the road to follow up for another opportunity. The tasks and reminders feature alone has helped us find deals we otherwise wouldn’t have.”

— Brian Antognini, Client Services Specialist | CBRE New Jersey

Customer care, onboarding and more

Investing in a new solution doesn’t have to be intimidating. Here at Apto, we are with you every step of the way—from the moment you sign your contract until you are fully up and running and beyond. These are just some of the quotes we’ve heard from customers about their experience with Apto.

Lee-Wheeler-2“We ended up migrating our data from Realhound, and the process went great. The implementations process with Apto was better than anything I’ve ever experienced. They take the time to walk you through the system and empower you to be successful using it.

— Lee Wheeler President | Wheeler Commercial

Daniel-Cawley 2The whole support team and rest of the staff at Apto have been great through the transition, upload, and cleanup of our data. The level of service, care, commitment is better than any I’ve had with any other vendor. We’re making progress on internal adoption, and I love the capabilities and what Apto can do.”

— Daniel Cawley President, Cawley Chicago

Mathew Laborde-200x200I’ve had nothing but great interactions with support when trying to troubleshoot different things. What I really love about Apto is that their Director of Product Marketing, Russ Duncan, will reach out to us and collect feedback when developing new products or looking to make software improvements, and I know he does this with other customers around the country. Then, you actually can see the changes they’ve made to the system based off our input. That really speaks to Apto’s care for its customers and us agents out in the field.”

— Mathew Laborde, President & CEO | Elifin Realty

Matt+Lyman+Head+Shot+New 2“When it comes to working with the Apto team, everyone has been super responsive. I’ve had zero issues with customer service; they’ve been phenomenal. I’ve also spoken with the product team, and they’ve been incredible.”

— Matt Lyman, Principal Broker | Commercial Northwest

Max Schumacher
Software aside, the Apto team is awesome. They’re very, very responsive. Whenever I have a question, I’ll email the Customer Care team with a screenshot of what’s going on and they get back to me the same day. The account executive that sold me Apto even reached out to me after the sale to see how I was doing. I’ve never experienced that before with a software company. It’s really obvious that Apto cares about their customers.”

— Max Schumacher, Investment Sales & Leasing Associate | Rein & Grossoehme

If you’re thinking about using a CRM or switching to the industry-leading CRM for commercial real estate, check out our many customer success stories from CRE brokers across the country. And when you’re ready, go ahead and get a demo of Apto so you can put it all to work.