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How 4 different brokers can use Apto Data to work more efficiently

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nasa-1lfI7wkGWZ4-unsplashYou’ve probably heard by now that we recently launched Apto Data, which gives you 30 of the most commonly used property data points from national tax, deed, and mortgage data, built right into our CRM. But what you might not know is how our latest offering can support you and your business specifically.

We’ve compiled a list of use cases to showcase how Apto Data can provide value to specific types of brokers. We’ve also collected some feedback from early adopters who are already seeing ROI from the product.

Examples by Broker Type

Junior Broker

  • I’m a new broker. It was easy to get a list of properties in my market into Apto, but now I need to research each property. With Apto Data, I am able to just look at a property in Apto and see what detailed information from tax, deed and mortgage sources exists. No more running around to various sites to find this info. Furthermore, once I review the info, I can save it to my database. It’s like working while you work.

 Investment Sales / Capital Markets

  • I’m an investment sales broker who is looking to compile a list of sales comps. Instead of going to the county assessor’s website and researching each property’s last sale price and other important info, I can easily locate this data within Apto and create a more reliable and accurate comp database. I can also incorporate my own notes and knowledge, all in one property view.
  • I’m an investment sales broker who is creating a BOV (broker’s opinion of value) for a potential client who is looking to sell their office building. I need to research information on the property such as last owner, last sale date, last sale price, square footage, etc. to include as part of the booklet. I can find all of this property data without ever having to leave Apto. I can also track the potential client as a potential deal in Apto by entering the date I sent the BOV and relating the property. 

Tenant Rep

  • I’m a tenant rep broker who is creating a list of properties for my client to tour. My client will ask for a site tour booklet that includes not only a map of all the locations, but also information about each property such as zoning, square footage, current owner, last sale date, etc. With Apto Data, I can easily compile all of that data so that my client will be able to make a more informed decision on which property to lease. 
  • I’m an industrial tenant rep broker who is looking to build my own property database (similar to what I find in CoStar) that shows current availability, shadow space, and upcoming lease termination dates. To do this, I need a list of all industrial buildings in my market to keep track of. I need an easy way to start building this list. I can use Apto Data as a starting point and I’ll enrich this data with my own notes, availability records, and lease termination dates. I know my own data is extremely valuable, but it’s great to have a starting point to build out that property data set using Apto Data. 

Landlord Leasing

  • I’m a junior leasing broker for retail properties and need to cold call through a list of building owners. I need a starting point to research all the owners within my market. Apto Data will be able to provide me with a list of strip mall property owners to call through. I may need to do a bit more research on who the true owner is, but it does give me a starting point.

Early Adopter Feedback

“I currently use Loopnet and CoStar to research this type of property data. It’s often unreliable and I’m not sure how often it’s updated. I’m mostly interested in the ‘last sale price’. It’s a huge time saver for me to just be able to click the ‘overwrite’ button to add this to my existing property data set. I will use this on a daily basis.”

“I’m a Managing Director/Owner and I’m trying to keep my brokers in Apto on a day-to-day basis. Adoption has been a struggle, but I really see the value in using a CRM product like Apto. With Apto Data, our brokers will have to do less data entry. They can simply add an address and let Apto Data fill in the rest as a starting point. Also, we need something sticky to get them into the product every single day. I think Apto Data will be the tool to keep them in Apto to do research on properties.” 

“I’m a researcher and my job is to update our property data within Apto. It takes so much time for me to determine what county specific properties are in and then go to that county assessor site to research property data. With Apto Data, I can easily find the data I’m looking for without doing a significant amount of research. I also don’t have to copy/paste from the assessor’s website into Apto, I can simply overwrite that data or add to it.”