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Feature spotlight: 3 ways to work and close more deals faster

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If you’re finding success as a commercial real estate broker, then chances are you’re winning and executing business based on a fairly repeatable process that demonstrates your unique value. That process is likely a series of things to do in order to create and keep momentum and assign responsibility to yourself or your team.

Apto’s latest feature set is designed to help you do everything related to a deal much more efficiently. It lets brokers track, manage, and execute deals from start to finish with a simple interface and intuitive workflow that drives everything forward.

How, you might ask? Well, we have three feature spotlights to show you our favorite tools and how they’ll help you close more deals faster.


  • Deal Activity Funnel: Within the deals dashboard, there’s a field for “Buyers Needs,” which you can add as you talk to your contacts. Then after you’ve won a new listing and move it to the Sourcing stage, you build a list of contacts whose recorded buyer’s needs align with your new listing. Pretty great, right? Read more.
  • Task Playbooks: At every stage of a deal you have to do something to move the deal forward. Those things (tasks) range from calling the right people, producing the right material, pulling the appropriate data, and delivering the right information at the right time. If you have a series of tasks you perform at each stage of a deal, then you’ll be thrilled to know that Apto can automate the creation of those tasks. Read more.
  • Deal Prospecting Lists: Successful brokers maximize their opportunities to learn about their clients and prospective clients by always asking them what their acquisition needs are. Apto has a dedicated place for these needs in the business development dashboard, and it’s incredibly easy to use. Read more.