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Introducing our new and improved Mailchimp integration

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Too many times have I heard the story about the one “tech savvy” broker or the transaction coordinator who gets tasked with exporting contacts from the CRM and importing them into Mailchimp to send a new email campaign.

If you’re that person, then you know the steps involved. And moreover, you know just how inefficient that process is.

There’s no reason to do it that way. You don’t need two different tools to store your contacts and then email them.

We recently enhanced our existing Mailchimp integration so you can effortlessly send marketing emails straight from your CRM, where you already keep everything organized. (And of course, we have similar integrations with other email providers as well.)

Sounds nice, right? Here’s a little more about why we did it and how it works.

Why we gave an existing integration a serious boost

It’s true that we’ve had an integration with Mailchimp for a few years now. But it was fairly simplistic. It helped you be more efficient, sure, but there was still a lot you couldn’t do.

Here’s the thing: your database is the foundation of your business. You already have all the information you need in one place. Why should you export contacts just to upload them into another system? It doesn’t make sense.

Ultimately, we at Apto want to make your professional life as simple as possible. And that starts by enabling every process to flow from a centralized, organized database.

Here’s what the integration gets you

Your system of record should give you the tools you need to actually take action on the information: reminders to follow up with past clients, matchmaking for current deals, highly targeted email campaigns, and so on.

With this enhanced integration, you’ll be able to send Mailchimp campaigns to targeted groups from within Apto. You do need a Mailchimp account as well, but you can send emails from your CRM without clicking into Mailchimp in another tab. And certainly without exporting and then importing contacts.

That means you’ll get a few key benefits.

  • Efficient communication: You get simple, streamlined email marketing that’s designed for your business.
  • Strategic prospecting: You get the ability to send communications to your entire market with emails targeting the segments you’ve already created within Apto.
  • Easy marketing for your deals: Cut down on marketing prep time and get the word out straight to your top prospects right away.

From prospecting to marketing to close from one interface

So, that’s why we’ve given a serious boost to that integration. You can keep all your contacts in one place, and send Mailchimp campaigns to those contacts without leaving Apto.

This new integration works well with our other recent marketing-centric product release: property websites. Take a property or listing in your CRM, click a button to turn it into a professional-quality website, then grab that link and pop it in an email campaign to your top prospects. Every response and inquiry stays centralized, so you’re more efficient and more targeted in your outreach.