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CRE brokers say they made more money in 2018 and expect the trend to continue in 2019

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5813661c7d792_Chart_Graph_earnings_income_profits-320x218After the last commission checks were cut and other compensation added up, a healthy majority of commercial real estate brokers say they made more money in 2018 than in 2017, according to the latest Apto National Broker Buzz Poll, which was conducted in late December by commercial real estate software company Apto.

2018 turned out to be a very good year, say most brokers who responded to the Apto poll. Commercial real estate brokers expect more of the same in 2019. Here are the specific survey results:

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Commenting on the poll results, Tanner McGraw, founder of Apto, said, “Rising macroeconomic tides in the U.S. lifted commercial real estate boats in 2018. The sector, including commercial real estate brokers, benefitted from the strong U.S. economy even as interest rates have risen and amid some signs that commercial property prices are leveling off.”

“2019 bodes well for the macroeconomy and the commercial real estate sector, though there are plenty of jitters with the U.S. government partially shut down and over trade, interest rates, and questions about whether the corporate tax cuts will be as much of a boon in 2019.”

Reflecting on the insights into brokers’ career longevity, Apto’s McGraw observed: “For many producers — the men and women engaged in facilitating transactions and advising clients — commercial real estate brokerage isn’t just a job or a profession, it’s a sport, it’s a way of life.  They live and breathe the asset class, the people, and the sales and advisory culture. I’m not surprised so many brokers are committed to brokerage as their careers.”