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Catch up on the Great CRE CRM Debate

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Rod Santomassimo at The Massimo Group, the premier commercial real estate coaching and consulting organization, recently hosted The Great CRE CRM Debate, and we were honored to be one of the four companies who participated.

It’s no surprise that hundreds of commercial real estate professionals joined to hear about commercial real estate CRMs. A CRM is no longer a nice-to-have; it’s become a must-have for brokers. In fact, this year’s DNA of #CRE survey data revealed a pretty dramatic stat:

Less than half of brokers who make under $100K a year use a CRM, and 71% percent of brokers who make more than $100K use a CRM.

Even if you use a CRM, it may not be made for commercial real estate. And if it’s a CRM for commercial real estate, it could be doing more for you than just storing data.

Our side of the great CRE CRM debate

We had a great time presenting Apto and showing how our commercial real estate CRM helps brokers find, win, and close more deals. In particular, we focused on the philosophy behind our product approach: that commercial real estate data is only helpful if you use it, and to use it, you need simple systems that put that data to work for you. And it needs to be easy and automatic.

We touched on a few examples of how Apto organizes your data the way you think and applies it the way you work, specifically when it comes to:

  • Tracking and reaching owners
  • Matching buyers to listings
  • Marketing your deals and capturing leads

There are product features that allow brokers to do all of the above with the click of a button.

Watch the webinar recording and get a demo to learn more

If you didn’t get a chance to join the event, check out the video below (our section of the debate starts at 9:40). Then go ahead and get a personalized demo of Apto.