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[Calculator] What’s your target income? Here’s how much outreach it will take.

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deal calculator-320x213Do you know how many deals it will take to hit your goal? What about how many calls or emails it will take to get those deals?

In commercial real estate, we know there are good years and bad years. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know your business metrics like the back of your hand. Otherwise, how will you track and reach your goals? (In fact, we’ve written before about the most important key performance indicators that brokers should know but probably don’t.)

Fortunately, you can use this calculator to get an idea of what it will take.

We took industry benchmarks for prospecting conversion rates to give you an idea of how much outreach it takes to get a deal closed. Just enter your goal and your average net fee and we’ll give you a quick breakdown of the deals and outreach needed.