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Brokers, are you up to speed on these 3 business trends?

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business-trends-320x259.jpgWe’re still adjusting to the New(ish) Year and all the buzzwords and trends that come with it. Whether it’s different consumer patterns or expectations, commentary on workforce changes, or just new best practices, it’s worth brushing up on the latest trends. Here are three that you should take note of as you work to advance your business in 2018.

1. Welcome Gen Z to the workplace

It might be strange to think about, but millennials are no longer the youngest generation in the workforce. As millennials continue to age, it’s important that brokers welcome Gen Z as well. These are people who have never known a time without technology–without the internet or cell phones–and by working with these tech-savvy coworkers, more tenured brokers have a lot to learn. Use them to your advantage in adopting technology that can make everyone more efficient.



2. Serve your community, not just clients

These days, consumers are doing their research before making purchasing (or hiring) decisionsand they are trusting their communities’ opinions. For brokers looking to gain more clients, it’s crucial to serve the community and prove your worth. Volunteer and give back to the market you’re serving. This will help you get to know people while building your brandwhile doing some good in the process.

3. Focus marketing on the issues at hand

You can’t just market yourself based on your unique offerings anymore–in commercial real estate, you need to convince prospects that you can solve their specific issues. You have to be able to pinpoint the exact problems your client is facing, and then offer specific solutions for each. For example, if your client has a growing company and needs more space but cannot pay more in renttry to present options in areas or submarkets that have similar or lower rental rates. Focus on the problem at hand and then present solutions, rather than presenting solutions and hoping the client links that solution with their problems.