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Are you good at email? Here’s how to be a little bit better.

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apto-inboxWhen you think about the communication methods you use in your professional life, face to face is still the most important for commercial real estate brokers, followed by the trusty phone call.

But then it’s email. Being efficient and communicating your message clearly and succinctly doesn’t just save you time and energy, it saves your clients time and energy.

To be an effective broker, you should be able to do a couple things when it comes to email: You should know how to manage your inbox so it doesn’t overflow with urgent messages, but also doesn’t suck all the time out of your day because you’re responding to everything immediately. You should be able to send a message that gets your point across and prompts action, but doesn’t take long to read. And you should know how and when to use mass email to amplify your message and brand.

Fortunately, there are tools and resources out there that can help with all of this. Even if you’re already good at email, you can always stand to be a bit better. Here’s how.

Try Apto Inbox for Outlook, the most powerful CRM + Outlook integration on the market

Here at Apto, we’re in the business of providing the best CRM and workflow software for commercial real estate brokers so you can be more efficient. And we’ve always worked with the tools you already use everyday—namely, your email and calendar. Now, we have even more features and functionality for Outlook that can save you time and make sure no details get lost in the shuffle.

The point: Apto connects to your Outlook* email, tasks, and calendars so you get one complete view into your business from your most essential platforms. With this new integration, you can:

  • Look up a property, comp, or other record while you compose an email in Outlook
  • Log emails from Outlook to contacts, companies, or listings in Apto
  • Send a link to your calendar availability for easier scheduling
  • Make any adjustments to your calendar from within Apto, or load events or tasks to your calendar while on the road
  • Enjoy fast, seamless syncing between Outlook and Apto for contacts, tasks, and calendars

And more. It’s also incredibly simple to set up so you’re ready to use everything as soon as you sign up with Apto. Ease of use is the name of the game.

Our favorite new feature of Apto Inbox makes scheduling meetings SO much easier

There’s one feature in Apto Inbox that warrants its own shoutout, because no one else has something like this included.

First, take a minute to reflect on how much you probably hate setting up meetings over email. You send over a few time slots, your client rejects them all and sends back a few more options, you’re looking at your calendar seeing what you can move around so you can just meet and not have to email again.

Now you can skip all that. The coolest thing about our new Outlook integration is you can send a link with all your calendar availability to whoever you want. Then your contact schedules a time. That’s it—you’re done. It makes the whole process much quicker and easier.


Apto also has a powerful Mailchimp integration that lets you send campaigns with ease

There was a recent survey on the DNA of #CRE, and one stat that jumped out to us was about email marketing: Email marketing tops the list as “listing marketing strategies you plan to adopt in 2019” (43%).

Well, how’s that going?

If you’re still exporting lists of contacts from one system and importing them into another, it could be going better. You waste time and risk errors every time you do that.

To be better at email, you should have a system of record that gives you the tools you need to actually take action on the information, like sending targeted email campaigns to groups you have segmented out already.

Apto connects directly to Mailchimp so you can do just that. You do need a Mailchimp account as well, but as long as that’s set up, you can send emails from your CRM without clicking into Mailchimp in another tab. And certainly without exporting and then importing contacts.

That means you get simple, streamlined email marketing that’s designed for your business, the ability to send highly targeted emails so you can be more strategic in your prospecting, and you reduce marketing prep time and get the word out on listings to the right people right away.

Resources to improve your email writing and strategy in general

Once you have the tools, you still have to master the skills of writing well and managing your time. Here are a few articles to help you do just that.

Now go ahead, get a demo of Apto so you can put all these tools to work.

*Software requirements
Outlook Desktop for Windows: Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013 or 2016.
Outlook for Mac, Outlook Web Access and Outlook Mobile for iOS/Android: 365 Exchange Online, Exchange 2013 or Exchange 2016.