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Apto + LDCRE―integrated to broaden your marketing reach

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Leavitt Digital, or LDCRE, is a commercial real estate listing distribution platform, syndicating listings to 900+ news websites around the world. Those websites cover 27 countries, all 50 U.S. states, and 7,100 global cities.

And it now integrates directly with Apto, meaning your listings get way more exposure with no effort on your end.

Here’s how it works

To be honest, it’s pretty simple (and free).

  • Start by pulling up your listing in Apto
  • Publish the listing to LDCRE with one click
  • LDCRE then advertises your listing on news websites around the world
  • Get inquiries from interested prospects and add them to Apto

If you’re an Apto customer already, you can contact our support team for a quick setup of the integration. And if you’re not an Apto customer, we’d be happy to show you a demo of how it helps you simplify your workflow.

3 other listing syndication services we integrate with

LDCRE is our newest integration, but it’s by no means the only listing syndication service we sync with. Our mission has always been to reduce inefficiencies for brokers so they can focus on high value tasks. That’s why integrations with listing services in particular have also been a top priority. We want to help our customers quickly distribute their listings to get broader exposure and attract more buyers.

We do this not just through LDCRE, but through a number of other CRE players, including:

  • Publish listings from Apto to with the click of a button, quickly distributing to thousands of tenants and brokers through’s extensive network

  • RCM: Apto’s longstanding integration with Real Capital Markets (RCM)  should be a cornerstone of your marketing strategy. You get deal rooms to manage it all and a qualified buyer database to help you reach CRE decision makers for every asset type in every market.

  • Buildout: This integration can help you easily create marketing materials and brochures, but it can also streamline your listing process by posting to different sites.

Besides giving a serious boost to your marketing efforts, these integrations save you a ton of time and hassle. No more entering in property information time after time—everything is streamlined directly through Apto.