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Apto + Buildout—integrated to help you broker like a boss

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Apto + Buildout = success.pngLet’s think about the deal lifecycle for a moment.

From the first time you talk to a new prospect to when that check gets cashed, there are dozens of moving parts. And dozens of apps and tools to help with each of those parts.

Well, that number just went down a bit. Apto and Buildout are integrated to make the move from pitch to marketing that much smoother and simpler.

CRM + marketing: How the pieces fit together

Hopefully you store all your data and information in a CRM—from contacts to properties to comps and all the little details that comprise each and how they relate to each other. This is the central data source for your entire life as a broker.

CRM helps you organize your data, and it’s certainly the first thing you need to be technologically up to date. But a CRM isn’t a particularly specialized tool. It will get you part of the way there, but if you’re focused on optimizing your prospecting and marketing processes, then you’ll exhaust its capabilities soon enough.

Important parts of the deal cycle sometimes require a specific tool, especially those parts that a broker has built a specific workflow around. Apto covers prospecting to payment with CRM and Commissions, but I’ll be honest, there are still gaps. That’s why we created Prospect & Nurture, which brokers are now using to manage their prospect and client engagement activities. And once a prospect is ready, a broker can win their business and start using Apto’s deal management functionality. They also need to start marketing the property.

And that’s exactly where Buildout comes into the equation.

Buildout is the most dynamic marketing platform for streamlining a broker’s CRE business. It takes property data and turns it into beautiful marketing documents that showcase a client’s property in the best way possible.

How the integration works

Let’s say you’re already a customer of Apto and Buildout. Here’s a quick breakdown of how things work.

  • Create properties, spaces, and listings in Apto.
  • Publish a listing to Buildout with a click; the integration will copy over all the relevant fields and property images.
  • Go to Buildout to upload assets, set up marketing materials, and publish the property to your website and/or listing services.
  • Continue to use Apto to log marketing interactions and update the listing, property, or space as needed.
  • Buildout will be updated every night with any changes to the property information, space availability or listing status.

It’s pretty simple. Two best-in-class tools working together to make you more efficient.