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7 apps brokers can download right now to gain more hours in their day

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man-suit-tie-phone-320x256Who doesn’t wish they had a few more hours in their day? Commercial real estate brokers in particular are always on the move and multitasking between a number of urgent tasks.

What better way to be more productive than to look to the technology we already use a hundred times a day—our cellphones! Here are seven apps brokers can download right now to gain more hours in their day.



Buffer is a great social media tool. The scheduling app will pre-post your social media posts and send them at whatever time you choose. This can help you maintain a great digital presence without having to spend hours on social media. The app allows you to schedule posts for whenever your audience is likely to engage with the content most.

Google Keep

Google Keep is the post-it note for your phone. Brokers can up with important tasks on their phone by just creating a note, writing down a task, and pinning it to their screen. The note will stay on your phone screen until you complete the task.



Newton will help separate work emails from personal emails. The email management system collects your client emails and tracks them for you. This app can help brokers respond to clients, send reports, and so much more.



No one has the time to type in password after password to get into their accounts. LastPass will recall the passwords used for various accounts without ever having to type a single letter. This will keep your passwords safe and save you the hassle of trying to remember multiple passwords.



This app will sync your computer with your phone so that you don’t need to switch back and forth while working. You can view your social media apps, phone apps, etc on your screen while your phone is in an entirely different room even. This is a great productivity booster for those who use their phones for multiple tasks.



Scanbot will scan documents using your phone and is a quick way to make physical documents into virtual ones. You can prepare your documents to be emailed by quickly scanning them and archiving them permanently. Now you don’t have to worry about your documents getting lost or damaged.


Cisco Spark

Cisco Spark sends you an email every morning outlining what your day has in store. The email lists all of your tasks for the day and gives you the time for each one so you have a bird’s eye view of how your day will be. The app also has the ability to manage your team and send meeting reminders, tasks reminders, etc to them.