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6 PropTech conferences to network at this year

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mipim-proptech-europe-2018-conferences-320x192.pngTechnology is pushing the commercial real estate industry to evolve faster than ever before. From software that integrates the entire deal lifecycle to smart buildings that automatically reduce indoor CO2 levels, PropTech comes in all shapes and sizes.

Using the right technology gives everyone from brokers to owners major advantages in today’s market, but before you can realize those gains you need to learn what technology is right for you. PropTech conferences are a great opportunity to do that.

They’re also fun and offer fantastic networking opportunities.

There are tons of PropTech conferences and seminars scheduled for 2018, so rather than try and cover them all, we decided to hone in on six we believe will be the largest and most important. From Paris to San Francisco, attend these conferences to stay at the forefront of industry innovation.

1. MIPIM PropTech Europe

This two-day conference is dedicated just to PropTech and kicks off in Paris on the 20th of June. With over 1,000 companies and 1,500 people expected to attend, this promises to be the largest PropTech conference of the year.

The conference will deal with topics like learning how to implement new technology effectively and discovering how different technologies are disrupting the industry. From tech startups showcasing their newest products to traditional executives discussing how technology is impacting the industry, this is one conference you don’t want to miss.

2. Builtworlds Summit

A bit closer to home, the Builtworlds Summit runs three days and begins on April 11th in Chicago. The entire conference is centered around a single question: How will your company thrive in the face of disruptive change?

Much of that change is coming from PropTech, and in the hopes of finding the best answer, this conference will pit 200 of the industry’s top players against each other debating the answer.

If you’re eager to learn more about smart cities, augmented and virtual reality, how the Internet of Things is impacting CRE and topics like robotics and construction innovation, this is the conference for you.

3. Future: PropTech

Among the best established PropTech conferences, Future: PropTech is throwing its 4th annual conference in London on Wednesday May 2nd. More than 1,200 delegates representing brokers, venture capitalists and tech specialists from many of the world’s leading CRE firms will be there.

This year’s theme is “Digital Transformation Throughout The Property Lifecycle.” In addition to examining specific CRE topics like tech use and integration, participants will take a deep look at upcoming technologies like blockchain, the Internet of Things and big data.

4. Inman Connect San Francisco 2018

Although Inman’s massive Connect event in San Francisco isn’t all about PropTech, this week-long extravaganza devotes quite a bit of time to technology. Starting July 17th, more than 4,000 CEOs of top real estate firms and star brokers and agents will discuss everything from marketing strategies to the latest technologies.

While it couldn’t hurt to attend all the sessions, if you’re just looking to hone in on PropTech check out Hacker Connect. This event takes up the first day of the conference and will zoom in on CRE tech and highlight some of the keys ways it’s impacting the industry.

5. ULI Washington Real Estate Trends Conference

Set for April 17th in Washington DC, this year will mark the Urban Land Institute’s 21st Real Estate Trends conference. More than 600 people will show up to discuss the biggest trends shaping the industry, and while PropTech isn’t the only focus, it’s guaranteed to be a consistent theme.

Panelists will discuss how emerging technologies like self-driving cars could impact the industry, the promise of blockchain and how PropTech is changing the ways in which buildings are designed, built, transacted and operated. Experts will also say which technologies everyone should be using and speculate how tech will change the industry over the coming years.

6. CREtech events

CREtech is one of the top global communities focusing on technology in the industry.  Their events bring together CRE professionals and tech startups to foster innovation and push tech adoption, and they’re a great place to learn and network.

With almost 700 attendees, their New York and San Francisco events last year enjoyed record-breaking attendance. This year they are throwing six events across the country: Atlanta, Boston, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles and New York. Check out your local venue to connect with industry players and keep up to date on groundbreaking tech developments in the industry.