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5 quick ways you can boost your reputation (and win more deals) with CRE technology

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Are you looking to be the top broker in your area? Or, do you want to stay on top?

andrew-neel-cckf4TsHAuw-unsplashWhile your competitors are putting data to work, prospecting more effectively, and winning more deals with a variety of CRE tech tools – what are you doing? While your competitors are gaining a reputation for being tech-savvy, responsive, and fast-moving – are you gaining a negative reputation for not keeping up?

If you don’t use CRE tech, you’ll be left behind by your competitors with superior tech tools. And, your reputation will suffer. But, adopting CRE tech now will help give you the advantage and bolster your reputation.

Wondering how? Read on for 5 quick ways to boost your reputation with CRE tech – and win more deals.

1. Organize and access your data from anywhere – so you’re always prepared

There’s nothing worse than showing up to a client meeting and not having everything you need. Maybe you don’t have updated data, the right properties, or important details about your client.

Regardless, you’ll look unprepared in front of your client. And, they’ll pass their impression of you along to other people they know. Over time, this will damage your reputation – making people less likely to work with you.

Want to avoid this headache? Use a CRE tech tool that keeps all your information on the cloud. That way, you can access it from anywhere. And, you’ll always have the most up-to-date data.

Most importantly, you’ll look prepared, knowledgeable, and ahead of the game to your clients – meaning more repeat business and referrals.

2. Efficiently track your deals throughout their lifetime – so you never drop a deal

As a broker, you constantly have multiple deals to manage. With so many moving parts, it’s hard to keep track of every detail. But, if you aren’t on top of every aspect, your deals will fall through – possibly even a once in a lifetime deal.

If you drop the ball on enough deals, people aren’t going to trust you anymore. You work hard to get all of your deals. So, you shouldn’t let misplaced information get in the way of closing them.

The solution? Use a CRE tech product that tracks your deals throughout their lifetime. From pursuits to closed deals, you’ll have insight into what you need to do at any moment to move deals forward. You’ll close more deals faster – earning a reputation as the go-to broker.

3. Improve Your Client Interactions – so you win more clients and referrals

Relationships are the heart of your business. Building new relationships and maintaining old contacts ensures you always have deals in your pipeline.

But, it can be hard to remember all the details about prospects/clients and to get in touch with them at the right time. Forgetting important information or neglecting follow-ups can cost you deals and hurt your reputation.

Want to ensure good relationships with your clients? Invest in a CRE tech solution that keeps track of your client details and automatically reminds you to keep in touch with longtime clients. That way, you spend less time tracking down client info and more time impressing clients with personalized service.

With CRE tech solutions, you can build a reputation for great client service – earning you more clients (and deals).

4. Monitor Your Team – so you know they’re helping (not hurting) your business

Having a team lets you get more done. But, this only works when your team conducts themselves according to your standards.

If your team is ill-prepared, slacking, or unprofessional, it reflects badly on your business – and on you. Clients won’t want to work with you if your team has a negative reputation.

How can you prevent this? Use a CRE tech tool that lets you monitor your team. You can see what deals they’re working on and their performance – by tracking metrics like commission by broker, phone calls, or meetings scheduled. So, you know who is enhancing your reputation – and who might be hurting it.

5. Streamline Marketing – so you have more time for deals

Marketing is essential to be a successful broker – so people know you and your listings. But, it can be time-consuming and tedious to create property websites, brochures, email marketing, and more. Plus, it’s easy to produce less than professional-looking results.

If you don’t have the right marketing materials, you’re going to fall behind other brokers who do. And, it will be harder to build and maintain a great far-reaching reputation.

The solution? Use a CRE tech tool that makes marketing effortless by having beautiful templates you can quickly customize. Plus, your CRE tech tool should automatically sync with your data so you don’t have to waste time moving information when creating your marketing.

By saving you time and creating better results, a CRE tech marketing tool can positively grow your reputation and free you up to spend more time on deals.

The Bottom Line

CRE tech can save you time and make you look better in front of clients – boosting your reputation and your productivity. 

By using a CRE tech tool that organizes your data on the cloud, tracks your deals, improves client interactions, monitors your team, and streamlines marketing, you will have more control over your business and reputation. So, you can edge out other brokers who lack the technological advantages you have.

Looking for a comprehensive CRE tech tool to improve your reputation? Apto has all of these features and more. Request a demo today.