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5 Instagram accounts every commercial real estate broker should be following

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neonbrand-nZJBt4gQlKI-unsplashWhile not yet the industry standard, more and more brokerages and CRE professionals are starting to use Instagram to build their brands and grow their businesses.

We’ve rounded up five accounts—from actual brokerages to multimedia companies—that we believe are using the platform to connect with the industry in unique and engaging ways.

1. Propmodo

Propmodo is a global multimedia source for news, research, and analysis on commercial real estate, smart cities, future workplace, technology, and more. Their Instagram account features striking artwork that they use to draw interesting parallels between commercial real estate trends and everyday life. Give them a follow for their unique perspective on the industry and how it’s evolving.

2. Baum Realty Group

This Chicago-based retail brokerage is connecting with prospective tenants by using Instagram to showcase properties and market listings. Check out their account and maybe adopt some of their practices for your own brokerage.

3. New York YIMBY

New York City is a commercial real estate mecca and this account will fill your Instagram feed with visuals of the city’s stunning architecture and updates on construction and new developments. Say “Yes In My Backyard” to New York YIMBY and give them a follow.

4. Animals Doing Things

This has absolutely nothing to do with commercial real estate. When you need a quick break from cold calls or foot canvassing, this account will make you laugh or give you the warm and fuzzies. Or both.

5. Apto

We’re still pretty new to Instagram, but check us out! We’re excited to connect with our customers and other professionals in the CRE industry through a different medium. We post about new product releases, quotes from happy customers, industry news, and the occasional lame CRE joke. We hope those posts make you crack a smile.

Other accounts worth following: