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5 examples of inspiring real estate marketing

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Each day, 500 million tweets and 2.75 million blog posts go out into the web.

Brands fighting for their audiences’ online attention have a lot of competition.

Adding to this challenge, platforms like Facebook and Twitter have made subtle yet hugely impactful changes to their algorithms that make getting eyeballs on updates much more difficult for businesses.

Still, some brands manage to win the game and stand out against the odds. How do they do it? Creativity, timeliness, and boldness.

Here are some inspiring examples of real estate brands doing what it takes to stand out. We highlight both residential and commercial because you can take inspiration from anywhere!

1. Keller Williams goes live


Facebook Live videos are getting a ton of attention lately and brands like Keller Williams are catching on. But are they really a worthwhile way to market your business? According to an exhaustive
experiment by Social Media Lab, they can be. The experiment revealed that Facebook Live videos get way more shares and reactions than link or image posts, which means more eyes on your Facebook page. As an added bonus, these types of posts don’t require any fancy equipment. Just grab your smartphone and some decent lighting and you’re ready to start streaming.

2. embraces seasonality

Companies like have caught on to the fact that holidays like International Women’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day and Earth Day get a ton of action on social media. People are having conversations around these moments and brands can get involved by inserting themselves into the dialogue in an organic way. does this with a simple infographic. Design tools like make creating these images insanely easy so there’s no excuse not to take advantage of the next holiday, whether it’s Arbor Day, Memorial Day, or the 4th of July.

3. Trulia empowers employees to get creative


Social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn were created, first and foremost, to facilitate peer-to-peer interactions. That’s why a single post from a friend or family member regarding a brand speaks so much louder than a post from the brand itself. Trulia has done an excellent job of facilitating this type of employee advocacy by hosting share-able events with set hashtags. Companies like Zappos have employee social media trainings to
encourage posting about work. Of course, receiving this type of free promotion from employees starts with creating a positive and enjoyable work atmosphere, so make that the initial priority.

4. Zillow gets interactive


Visual marketing has taken hold as the most effective way of reaching potential customers. People are 55% more likely to remember information if it is paired with a relevant image. Now, imagine if that information was conveyed through content they can actually interact with? Interactive marketing elements such as the one Zillow created here capture people’s attention and ingratiate them to brands by providing real value. Is there some service you can provide to prospects in the form of a tool or resource? Companies like
SnapApp or Ion make creating interactive content easy and relatively inexpensive.

5. JLL focuses on video


There’s a reason you keep hearing video marketing is worth the hype. Emails that use a subject line containing “video” have a 19% higher open rate and a 65% high click through rate. Videos, like the one JLL created, can be used throughout all of your marketing channels—from email to social media to display advertising. While ones produced by an agency might be a bit more time-consuming and expensive to create, they can do wonders for your bottom line. Just be sure you have a realistic strategy for how you will promote your videos before doing the work of shooting them.