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4 strategies to overcome the summer slump

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summer-puppy-320x206The days are getting longer and the air is getting warmer, and we all know that can only mean one thing—summer is finally here. But as people across the country plan their vacations, CRE professionals are entering some of the slowest months of the year.

With the hot weather and slow days ahead, we know it can be tempting to leave the office early. And while it’s certainly important to enjoy the summer and take a much deserved break, top brokers know it’s essential to work just as hard this season as you have all year.

So from continuing to prospect to effectively communicating vacation plans, follow these tips to keep yourself on track for a successful year by having an enjoyable and productive summer.

1. Don’t go on summer hours

Summer hours are fine for many businesses, but for brokers they’re a good way to miss opportunities. The amount of time you spend prospecting and working with clients directly determines how many deals you close, so going on summer hours is an easy way to ensure you make less deals.

When the summer slowdown hits, prospecting is often the first thing to go. And while you may think that since so many people are away on vacation your prospecting efforts will be wasted, the truth is most people check their emails and messages while away. And if they don’t, they’ll see your messages when they get back.

Although it’s true that clients and prospects may respond slower during the summer, that’s no reason to cut back on your efforts to secure and push forward more deals.

2. Communicate vacation plans

Effective communication goes a long way towards overcoming the summer slowdown. Talk to your clients and prospects about when they will be away and plan your efforts accordingly. While you’re at it, make sure you tell them your vacation plans with enough notice to ensure they can update their schedules as well.

Beyond simply making a note of when everyone will be away, go a step further and ask your clients what their summer goals are. Once you know exactly what they want to accomplish by September you’ll be in a much better position to work around everyone’s schedules to make it happen.

3. Set goals for September

Your clients and prospects aren’t the only ones who should have goals for the summer. To help focus your efforts over the season, think about what you can realistically accomplish given everyone’s schedules and set ambitious goals for yourself.

Ask yourself what you will accomplish over the next 30 days. Will you reach the next milestone in a deal with a key client? Perhaps you hope to finally attract a prospect you’ve been going after once their vacation ends? Will you commit to checking a book off your reading list on a trip to the beach?

Goals are what propel us forward. So whatever they are, push yourself to set goals and work towards them this summer. You’ll be happy you did when the leaves start to turn.

4. Take a vacation

And last but not least, take a vacation! It’s summer after all, and just because you’re a broker doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get to enjoy the sunshine.

While you may want to think twice before taking a month-long extravaganza to French Polynesia, don’t sweat taking a week or two off this summer. In fact, science shows that taking time off makes you more productive and creative when you return to the office, boosting your career in the long run.

For CRE brokers, summer is historically the slowest time of the year. While that’s unlikely to change anytime soon, using the right strategies will help you overcome the slowdown and set yourself up for the most productive summer possible. So from setting goals to resisting the urge to slow your progress, work strategically no matter what the weather is and keep moving your business forward.