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4 reasons an all-in-one platform is essential for today’s CRE broker

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placeit (13)The job of a commercial real estate broker seems to become more complex every year. And there are certainly plenty of different technologies that have popped up to help with every task. That’s why it’s important to find an all-in-one platform that can help you close deals and maintain communication with clients.

Here are four reasons why an all-in-one platform is essential for today’s CRE broker.

1. Everything is in one place (and related)

Gone are the days of searching several different spreadsheets or applications to complete a task. An all-in-one system allows for more than just complete organization–it ties all your data together so you can easily make sense of it and decide on a course of action. For example, our new deal management feature lets you drag and drop your deals through a natural CRE deal flow that includes pursuing new deals, sourcing buyers, tenants and sites, and negotiating offers, and closing a deal out. Click into a deal at any point and make a call or see the tasks you need to complete.

2. Improves communication

Communication is everything in commercial real estate. Timely response and follow-up with clients can mean more deals, repeat business, and referrals down the road. An all-in-one system can help you ensure that you are giving both clients and prospects the attention they need. Even when you’re busy or on the road, you have all the information you need to answer questions or send reports on demand.


3. Pull info without exporting

Commercial real estate is in the business of information, meaning brokers are constantly having to pull comps, research reports, and plenty of other data to present to clients and use for business pitches. An all-in-one system will help brokers pull all this without having to export and take the extra time to retrieve or print this info. This is another time saver that will help brokers focus more on client needs to help close more deals.

4. Streamlined processes

Just think: one system, one account, one password. Many CRE tech tools also integrate with other tools you use on a daily basis–think email, calendars, etc. When all your tech plays nicely together, you get more efficient.