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4 how-to guides for CRE brokers

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Are you back in the swing of things at work? Keeping your New Year’s resolutions? In case you need a little more inspiration, here are four guides that cover CRM, prospecting, and marketing for commercial real estate. 

Read them all and then browse our library for other tips and perspectives. 

A_Practical_Guide_ebook.pngA Practical Guide to CRM for Commercial Real Estate

This classic from our library addresses the emergence of CRM in commercial real estate. With all the buzz around this technology, we laid out a guide to common considerations, tips for evaluating technology, and more. While these days you need tools to help you act on your data, a CRM is still a good first step in getting it organized. Read it



APTO_brokers guide prospecting-cover.pngThe Broker’s Guide to More Efficient Prospecting

Speaking of organized data, this ebook lays out the most important things to track so you can segment your database for the most effective, efficient client prospecting. If you have these groups cataloged correctly, it should be easy to pull lists and track your tasks so you can build relationships in a strategic, systematic way that keeps the deals rolling in. Read it


APTO_ultimate brokerage guide-cover.pngThe Ultimate Guide to Marketing Your Brokerage (And Yourself)

This ebook lays out a simple but powerful marketing blueprint designed to keep the leads (and commissions!) flowing. That starts with setting yourself and your brokerage apart with top-notch marketing.  

Read on to discover how to get more leads by positioning yourself as a trusted expert, and how to turn prospects into clients by nurturing quality relationships. Read it. 


Ultimate-guide-to-marketing-your-listings-cover-image.pngThe Ultimate Guide to Marketing Your Listings

This ebook lays out a simple but powerful marketing blueprint to help you get deals done quickly. 

Read on to discover how to get maximum exposure for your listings with smart digital marketing and close more deals by creating a story that captivates people. Read it



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