Track Listings & Assignments

The listing/assignment, or a secured agreement likely to close, is one of the most important things to track closely. It’s your revenue, after all. You need to pay attention to the deal as a whole and the individual tasks needed to get it donethe tours, marketing and offers. Apto is the place for both. 

You should be tracking and converting your own deals from pursuit to listing/assignment and through the offer, lease proposal and escrow phase (at the end, you’ll have a new comp in your database). Perhaps the most important reason to track your listings/assignments in Apto, though, is to build your sales and commissions funnel. This lets you see where your deals are, where you need to focus your attention and when you should be expecting to close a deal and reap the reward. 

You should also track other agent’s on-market listings. Doing so gives you competitive intelligence and helps fuel an even more powerful comp database that can be used in your own pursuits down the road. And as outlined in Client Segmentation, you can also use these on-market listings for prospecting. They are high-probability leads, as those owners will be looking for an advisor should their current agent not deliver.

Use Apto's pre-built dashboards

Listings/assignments represent business that you're banking on to close, and as a commissions-based professional, you want to maintain a consistent flow of revenue throughout the year. Apto's dashboards show how much revenue sits at each stage of the deal, giving you a bird's-eye view of your pipeline so you can plan ahead. They update automatically as deals move through the pitch/proposal phase to listings/assignments to a comp or closed deal.

To access pre-built dashboards, click on the App Launcher icon in the top left corner. Search and click on Dashboards and then click on the All Dashboards option on the left hand side. From there, click on “Business Planning - Team”.


Tracking listings / assignments

Apto has an entire data element dedicated to listings/assignments. It’s the place where you track the highest probability business, and it features a host of related features to help you market, show and manage offers. Here’s how:

  • Listing/Assignment Details
    Whether you have a landlord rep listing, a seller rep listing, a tenant rep assignment or a buyer rep assignment, Apto has all the necessary fields to track the important details of the deal. The image below is a tenant rep assignment which includes minimums and maximums for lease rates and square footage. Similarly, buyer rep assignments include investment criteria, while seller and landlord rep deal include property details and property financial characteristics like Net Operating Income (NOI), CAP rate and yields.


  • Important Dates
    One of the most important things to track on listings is key dates. We talk about this at length in Sealing the Deal and in Client Segmentation, but for now just know that Apto Listings & Assignments covers important dates like Need Date, Rep Agreement Executed, Expiration Date, Date on Market and Date off Market. All of these play an important role in helping you execute your marketing, touring and offer submissions.
  • Commissions & Probability

    You can track your commissions, your team's, and even external agent's. Set them at the very outset of a deal in the Pursuit phase, and if you are using the automated conversion functionality of Apto's Deal Pipeline, then the number carries over from deal stage all the way to through to a Closed Deal. You can also track probability to help forecast when you suspect a deal will close, and communicate that in those Monday deal meetings.



To create a listing or assignment, start by creating and tracking your pursuit or rep agreement proposal. The process differs slightly for landlord representation, investment sales and tenant and/or buyer representation, but the idea is the same.

Once you’ve presented your pitch, and were hopefully selected, click "Advance to next stage" to automatically create a Listing or Assignment record.


The days of using spreadsheets and siloed information are over. Using Apto to manage your listings and assignments, and your pursuits before that, gives you unparalled vision into all your deals, helping you keep momentum, forecast revenue and close more deals.