Marketing & Showings

So you’ve signed an exclusive rep agreement and you’re ready to pop some champagne to celebrate. Right?


Don’t take your foot off the gas until the commission money is in your bank account. Once the agreement is signed, it’s time to market the deal.

If you’ve employed best practices in constructing your database, prospecting, writing proposals and  recording your efforts in Apto, then chances are high that you have a deal that is market-ready. When you have a process set, it’s just a matter of putting in the effort to execute what’s already in place.

Here are some best practices for your marketing plan, and how Apto can help.

Marketing call lists

Pick up the phone and call your highest probability suitors. Don’t leave this important engagement opportunity to email or snail mail. Have a personal conversation about what you believe is a great opportunity for them. Doing so allows you to emphasize attributes of the deal that a piece of copy or pictures could never do on their own.

To do this, we turn back to customer segmentation and prospecting in action. This time, however, we’re building lists off of things like owned properties to determine whose portfolio your deal will complement.

To build a list of owners by types of properties owned, first make sure you are tracking ownership and taking advantage of Contact Groups.

As they say, your buyer or tenant can be seen by standing on the rooftop of your deal. Try compiling a list of contacts within the submarket or zipcode of your property. From Prospect & Nurture, build a call list based on Contacts that is filtered by zip code and get on the phone.

marketings and showings 1.1.png

In the event that personal outreach doesn’t yield much interest, it’s time to turn to your trusted network (emphasis on “trusted”). You want to control the deal, so leverage your company and their resources, then outside trusted brokers, and as a last resort, the third parties of the world wide web.

Following up on inquiries

If you have several deals in the works and a few more on deck, then you most certainly have your hands full. Managing inquiries, confidentiality agreements, tours, offers and follow-up calls is a lot to handle. No matter how good a memory you think you have, something will get missed. This is where Apto comes in to help you catalog and stay on top of your tasks.

Apto Prospect & Nurture never lets you forget those details.  As you are working through your call lists or today’s tasks, you are prompted to log your follow-ups. In example, if you just spoke with a client about a particular property but ran out of time, you would want to schedule a follow-up call. You can do so while working through your call list without having to change screens or write down a reminder on a post-it note.

marketing and showings - 2.png

Prospect & Nurture also automatically relates the task to the person or place, so when you’re reviewing it you see the related tasks right at the top. This relationship will give you context and insight into each activity you log in Apto, making it much easier to conduct your follow up, recall relevant past activities, and stay on top of your deals.

Managing tours

More exposure means more inquiries, and more inquiries mean more property showings. Property showings, or tours, are the prime time to create an emotional connection between the end user and a space or building. As you schedule showings and tours, you should be tracking who saw what and what their overall impressions were. For a Sale, you need to log tours as tasks right on the listing itself. Using the “New Task” feature, you can change the Marketing Phase to “Toured”. Be sure to fill out the primary contact and other fields to capture all context surrounding the tour. This has serious implications in prospect registration and could mean the difference in getting paid.

marketing and showings - 3.png

Logging tours also makes it easy to communicate and stay accountable with the owner.

For leases, this same information can be tracked on the Space itself.

Staying accountable

When communicating progress to your client, make sure to go beyond what you think you’re doing and determine what you’re actually doing. It’s easy to get busy and lose touch of the concrete tasks that make up your plan.

Thankfully, there’s Apto. In particular, there’s the Marketing Activity Report. If you’re logging all your calls, emails, and meetings on your listing or assignment, then you are one click away from a report that demonstrates all your marketing activities — which you can send to your client on a regular basis.

To use the Marketing Activity Report, open your Listing and simply click on the Marketing & Activity Report. That's it.


 Put these best practices to work and not only will you receive offers, but you’ll also be building into your database a rich history of success that can be used to win the next deal.