Prospecting in Action

When prospecting for new commercial real estate business, you need to know exactly who you're contacting and why they are likely candidates for your services (as covered in Client Types and Client Segmentation).

Once you've organized your contact and property data, you need a system to put them to use stay on top of the activities needed build relationships and ultimately win new business. Keeping your pipeline full means using time and resources efficiently.

Thankfully, Apto provides that system. With Prospect & Nurture and Apto Maps, you can easily target contacts and property owners, (whether they be new prospect or current client), and ensure they never fall by the wayside. With Prospect & Nurture, you can quickly pull up call lists and see contextual data that will help you make immediate and lasting connections with your prospects.

Call lists

To get started, you can go straight to and log in. If you're an Apto customer, you automatically have full access to Prospect & Nurture, along with a few ready-made call lists.

Prospect & Nurture is all about streamlining the prospecting process and making you more productive. Everything you need to prospect is in one place: call lists, contact background, related company and property context, as well as past activity by contact.

Prospect & Nurture comes with two Apto-generated lists. “Closed Business Clients” populates from your comp database—once you close a deal with a contact, they are added to this list so you can nurture the relationship and stay top-of-mind for future deals. “Today’s Tasks” is a simple way to see what you need to do everyday.


These, however, are designed simply to get you started. The real value in Prospect & Nurture comes after you create lists that help you target specific segments of contacts, with whom you can generate business effectively.

Building a list from Contacts

What good is it to putting the effort into storing unique details about your contacts if you can’t act on them? With Prospect & Nurture you can build actionable lists based on any number of groupings you can come up with.

In the upper left-hand corner, click “Build a List.” You'll see that you can create lists directly from your Contact Base, out of Groups, or from your Properties.

  • Contacts: Leverage your full contact base by filtering by contact type or zip code.
  • Groups: After you add your contacts into groups or views, add those segmented sets of prospects into their own list

Once you have your set of contacts, it is simple to build them into a list.

prospecting in action - 2.png

Fill in a name, a description of your your goals for the list, and call frequency, ranging from once a month to lighter touches every 90 or 120 days.

Building a list from Properties

When it comes to building call lists from properties, you care about the property characteristics and location, but you ultimately need to get to the person who owns or manages the property. With Prospect & Nurture you can interact with your properties in their most natural statea map. And once you find the properties you care about, you can quickly and easily build a contact list to take action.

To build a contact list using Apto Maps you first need to locate the properties whose owners and/or managers you want to get intouch with. Using the filter bar above the map and the radius or polygon tools found in lower right corner of the map, isolate the properties that meet your criteria.

Once you have your desired properties, select the ones you want and click “Build a List”. Choose to add owners, asset managers or former owners and fill out the list details. 

Building relationships

Pro Tip

Integrate your phone system to boost productivity and optimize tracking. Quickly make contact with "click to dial" right from within Apto, and automatically log calls once the phone call concludes. To learn more about the benefits of phone integration, check our blog featuring tips from a system admin.

Time to execute. By clicking into the list of your choice, you will immediately be brought to the call dashboard:

On the left, you'll find context on your prior outreach as well as any task you set yourself, so you can bring that understanding into the conversation.

prospecting in action - 3.png

In the middle, you have visibility into the contact’s portfolio and personal/professional information pulled from the internet via our Full Contact integration. No need to Google each prospect; pick up the phone and dial right away.

prospecting in action - 4.png

Prospect & Nurture is designed to help you take action. With all the context you need, you can call, email, meet with, or even text a prospect and record that activity with just a few keystrokes. Apto will also prompt you to review your open tasks and add follow-up after each conversation, so you never fail on your follow-through.

prospecting in action - 5.png


Next steps to keep momentum

Your most successful calls are the ones where you actually connect with and talk to someone. While Call Lists are ideal for prospecting, you can also use Prospect & Nurture to build and keep momentum with your entire network over time.

While it is always a best practice to set follow-up tasks as described above, you can also evolve your lists organically as you build relationships. On each contact page, you can add them to new and existing lists as you learn more about each prospect:

prospecting in action - today's tasks.png

Prospect & Nurture ensures that all of the lists relate to each other; if you call a prospect off one list, they will be moved to the “bottom” of all the other lists so you never bombard a prospect with multiple calls by accident. It is also simple to remove a contact; Prospect & Nurture is dynamic and evolves with you as your business grows.

Document findings

Whatever the outcome of your prospecting efforts, you probably learned some new bit of information worth storing for later use. Personal insights gained from each engagement are what make your database unique.

Business leader and author Harvey Mackay goes so far to say there are 66 things you should know about your customer, and none of them have to do with their property needs. They include things like sports affiliations, family member names, hobbies, education and much more.

These insights are often gained through prospecting, so what better time to record them? Here are some of our favorite ways to record this intel in Apto.

      • On the left-hand side of the call dashboard, you can easily add tidbits about your contact to their description, which syncs automatically back to Apto CRM.


        prospecting in action - about peter petrello.png

      • By clicking the pencil icon next to the contact name, you can update their contact information.

        prospecting in action - Peter Petrello.png

With these easy-to-access fields, you are able to update what you know about your contact in real time, positioning yourself as both an expert on your market and your prospect. Build trust, execute on tasks, and win business more easily than ever.