Rahul Bijlani
Vice President, Investments


What challenges did you face prior to using Apto?

Several - from basic things like IT, to making any sort of report - it seemed like you needed a programming background or expensive tech support. Earlier we also had to worry about the number of licenses, syncing records across different computers and team members, etc.

How Has Apto helped alleviate these challenges?

Apto lives in the cloud, so there are no IT issues, whether for single users on multiple computers, multiple team members, mobile phone access etc. Also, syncing and data access and report generation is automatic and instantaneous - we don't have to think about it, 'it just works'.

Can you share with us measureable results?

There are so many to pick from! Like the ability to track team activity along the brokerage continuum. For example, creating a marketing update for a client is a one-click operation: we can immediately see how many principals were contacted, how many packages were sent out, what feedback was received, how many tours were arranged, what offers came in, etc. Another example: tracking buyer needs has become a lot easier, because we can track buyer preferences, last contacted dates, broker engagement, etc through different views and reports.

What would you say to others considering Apto?

It's a relatively inexpensive experiment to try Apto out for a little while, with a potentially huge upside. At least for our team-based brokerage environment, it completely changed the way we did business, and it was apparent in the first week that our business was going to accelerate if we stuck with it.


Rahul Bijlani
Vice President, Investments


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