Mike Woldman

Element Commercial Group

Mike Woldman has been a commercial real estate broker for over 16 years.  After working for a few different brokerages from 1997-2009, Mike opened his own company in 2010; Element Commercial Group - Rockford.

Through the years Mike has used a number of CRMs and methods to track his pipeline; ACT, ClientLook, Outlook, etc., until this year, when Mike decided to join Apto.  After a few months with us we wanted to see what he thought.

Apto:  What are some of the most significant challenges you faced prior to using Apto? 

Mike:  I had previously tried to use a couple of different CRMs in the past; I found myself keeping track of all elements of my pipeline in separate places (e.g. ACT, Outlook, hard copy).  I wasn’t able to keep an accurate record of my leads or progressions.  I needed a more sophisticated way of keeping track of my deals; there was too much I was trying to keep organized in too many different applications and trying to store lead related information in my head.  I found myself losing deals due to poor tracking.

Apto: What initially drew you to Apto?

Mike:  Prior to learning of Apto, I had decided to take the plunge with ClientLook.  It sounded better than it performed.  The language used with ClientLook [tabs] was different than I would use and trying to generate a pipeline proved difficult.  There were related applications that were discussed with me upon signing, but after 6 months, these promises were never fulfilled.  I ended up tossing it aside and essentially losing money.  

Knowing I needed to make a change, I began shopping around and comparing different CRMs on the market; Apto appeared to be the best one designed specifically for commercial real estate.  It seemed to address all of my pain points.

Apto: After first demoing, what made you decide that you wanted to start with Apto?

Mike: Although Apto offered a trial, a trial wasn’t going to give me the full sense of exactly what Apto was going to do for my brokerage.  I was able to see that Apto was designed for commercial real estate and I was no longer going to have to jump through hoops just to track my pipeline; the days of poor lead tracking and losing deals were behind me.

Apto: How has Apto affected your business?

Mike: I am able to track my pipeline exactly the way I need.  I haven’t had time to scratch more than the surface of Apto but just the ability to track leads, properties, clients’ desired space requirements, etc. has been worth the cost. 

I am able to start my day by checking my phone.  I log into Apto and quickly see what lead communication I have for the day, schedule activities, set tasks, and forget.  Apto will remind me of everything I need to do to keep my pipeline flowing. 

Apto: What would you say to others considering Apto?

Mike: I highly recommend Apto, and I have several times.  There have been a number of brokers who have approached me regarding their desire to search for a new CRM.  Anyone ready to make a positive change for their brokerage, needs Apto.  

Apto: Thanks Mike, is there anything else you want to add?   

Mike: Everything has been great with Apto, from the product to their support, the entire team and experience has been great.


Mike Woldman
Element Commercial Group - Rockford, Illinois


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