Mia Keller

CBRE Nashville

The CBRE Nashville office has been serving clients for more than thirty years, leading Music City’s commercial real estate market since its inception in 1982. We had an opportunity to speak with Mia Keller, a CBRE Nashville Associate who specializes in Retail Investment Properties, on how she and her team use Apto, and why she’s particularly excited about how the new Apto Mobile app can help grow her business.

"Prior to Apto we were using several outdated spreadsheets plus an outdated CRM (Act!) that only showed contacts and nothing else. Now everything we need is in one database, and with Apto Mobile we can use it everywhere. In my role, my time is split between being in the office and in the field, so there is a need for both a desktop and a mobile version. There’s really no excuses to not get work done when when we’re in the field now — Apto mobile brings our workflow to a whole new level!

There’s more freedom to be remote because we can seamlessly access all of our contacts, properties, and tasks.  I like being able to create tasks straight from a contact, especially after a phone call. Another thing that’s great is being able to take and upload property photos.  If someone from our team is out of the office and happens to see a shopping center, we can look it up in Apto on the spot and enter important information right away if we don’t already have it. Previously we would create a reminder to add it to the database later back in the office.  

The app has everything we need for when we’re away from the office —It helps me to be more productive because my task list comes with me, so nothing falls through the cracks. I’m more likely to reach out to people I may not have remembered to follow up with if I didn’t have the task reminder available. And when visiting different cities, I can pull up contacts in a specific city and schedule visits or calls, which I’m more inclined to do when I’m in the app.

Our whole team has adopted Apto, and it’s changed the way we work. Regardless of whether we’re using the desktop or mobile version, we don’t have to live in spreadsheets and Outlook anymore. The Apto Mobile app is user-friendly, clean, simple, and intuitive. Everyone in the office can use it — brokers, marketing, even the guy in the office who types with two fingers!

In all seriousness, we’ve all been able to use it to increase our productivity and effectiveness.
In fact, we often get competitive when it comes to who can log the most calls and emails. It’s extremely helpful to have all the history and information readily available."


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