John Viggers, CCIM, CPM
Director - Regional Vice President

NAI Optimum | NAI Global

John Viggers with NAI Optimum has been in the commercial real estate business for over 25 years and part of the NAI Global network for 14 years. Currently with NAI Optimum in Iowa, John and his team work 50-60 deals a year. John has been an Apto client for over two years, and we had the opportunity to talk to him about his decision to move to Apto and how it’s vital to the success of his business.

“Prior to Apto, I was on a desktop solution. I identified the need for a cloud-based platform because I needed mobile access. I looked at several options, including developing a proprietary system, but that was cost prohibitive. When I was evaluating options, I happened to be talking with a client who used Salesforce for their database. I was impressed with what they were using and because of its security and reliability, I started researching Salesforce-based platforms. This led me to Apto, which is built on top of Salesforce, but completely customized for the CRE industry.

The Apto team made our implementation a smooth process. They were able to upload all my old data and make it usable within Apto. The system itself is very robust and customizable. For example, I do some consulting work in addition to brokerage, property and asset management, and I needed to add “Consulting” under Projects. This allowed me to plug in my billing rate, notes, and when I invoice clients. The entire team at Apto is very customer focused; the customer service is exceptional. They were especially helpful throughout the implementation process as I got up and running on the system.

I use Apple-based tools, and it’s very important to be able to access my client data on any device. It’s invaluable to only have to input data once and then be able to easily access it from any device at any time.

One thing in particular that I really like about Apto is the ability to link all related contacts to each property, listing or project. I can pull up a property and see any related lawyers, architects, or insurance contacts. Apto has the basic CRM functions—companies, contacts, task management, and calendar management. However, it’s the additional pieces that make it especially useful for someone in commercial real estate. Having everything related to each property I’m working with is great; I can even upload pictures or documents.

Another advantage to having a centralized platform like Apto is the ability to look up contacts you’ve worked with in the past when you’re working a deal. Having all the information related to past and current deals adds a level of professionalism that’s hard to do if you’re not using a CRM.

Finally, if a client asks for information related to what you’ve been doing to market their property, it’s easy to report on and present in a professional manner. I’ve even had clients come into my office, look at what I have in Apto, and comment ‘I wish I had something like that.’

Like most people in the industry, I’m extremely busy. With Apto, I can streamline my tasks, manage my time effectively, and be confident that nothing is slipping between the cracks. Ultimately, it gives me the information I need when I need it, and helps me to better serve my clients."

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John Viggers, CCIM, CPM
Director - Regional Vice President

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