Track Pitches & Proposals

There’s a point in your pursuit of a client when you move beyond prospecting and start measuring the probability of the deal becoming reality. You shift from managing tasks and call lists to actively trying to win a specific client's business. That point is the presentation of a proposal, or the pitch.

Delivering a proposal is one of the most important things you can and will do as a broker—the number of proposals you do is directly correlated to your success. It’s the culmination of all your prospecting and nurturing efforts, and it’s the gateway to earnings. This unique event is your opportunity to put your knowledge, expertise and credibility on display.

Many brokers don’t realize how important it is to track number of proposals. But by building and updating a deal database of proposals and comps, both your own and your competitors', you can show how many deals have hit the market and what percentage were yours.

Don’t just talk a big game. Use Apto to show it.

Tracking proposals

Apto has an entire data element dedicated to proposals (sometimes called “pitches”). It’s sole intent is to help you manage the proposal: every task and event needed to prepare and execute.

Proposals work for both the lease and sales side of the commercial real estate business. You can kick off a proposal from a property, company or contact record depending on the type of business you are trying to win.

As you work through the tasks to prepare your proposal and get ready to present, simply change the proposal status to reflect where you and your team are in the process. Once you’ve presented, and were hopefully selected, click Convert to automatically create a Listing or Assignment record and get ready to make good on your promises and bring home the deal.

To create a Pitch/Proposal, navigate to your subject Property, Company or Contact and scroll down to the Pitches section and click "New Pitch". The subject you created the Pitch from will already be filled in. Fill out the the other details and click "Save".